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Wotnot Naturals sent this email to their subscribers on October 29, 2022.

FREE SHIPPING ends tonight!
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FREE SHIPPING! ENDS TONIGHT. wofnot tnot New Nappy Rash Cream After a labour of love and lots of logistics, we are proud to announce our Nappy Rash Cream is back and has a brand new look and improved formula! Now you dont have to compromise between the amazing benefits of colloidal oatmeal, pawpaw aloe vera, and a toxin free cream. You imagined a product that gave your baby the benefits of both therapeutic and natural, and we are very excited to bring this to life. SHOP NOW Certified organic Aloe Vera as first ingredient! - traditional herbal remedy NEW . ZLI to soothe and nourish Colloidal Oatmeal known therapeutic remedy to rehydrate and relieve irritated dry skin Bisabolol - fights bacteria and helps stimulate skins healing Pawpaw, jojoba tea tree Toxin free no fragrances, PEGS, sulphates or phenoxyethanol RAW.RAW, SHOP FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS - LAST CHANCE ENDS TONIGHT - *automatically added at checkout. Australia only. Offer ends Sunday 30.10.22 11:59pm Free shipping ends tonight g L R omiif sy wotnotnaturals @ wotnotnaturalsbeauty FOLLOW OUR STORY CO-CREATE OUR INGREDIENTS
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