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Nail Art Manis Are Right Around the Corner! BEAUTY POLISH PLATES NAIL CARE FREE MASCARA WITH ANY BEAUTY PRODUCT The Holideals continue with special free gift you may already have your eyes on! For one day only, every order with a beauty product will receive a free Watch Me! mascara. Boasting a hybrid brush and volumizing & lengthening formula, this mascara is turning heads and can be yours for FREE! To receive your free gift simply add the mascara to your cart with another beauty product and use the code MASCME during checkout. Our Holideals only last for 24 hours so don’t hesitate or you'll miss out on this promotion for this year! One free gift per customer. Sale ends on December 6th at 8:59AM PST (11:59AM EST). Shop All Beauty Watch Me! Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara Add volume, length, curl and definition to your lashes with our Watch Me! Mascara, your eyes will come to life and radiate confidence! Our specially crafted clean and cruelty free formula was made without the known toxic and carcinogenic ingredients like Carbon Black, and designed to hold curl all day with no flaking. HOW TO USE HYBRID BRUSH 2. IMMEDIATELY SWITCH TO THE SILICONE COMB AND BRUSH THROUGH TOP LASHES TO HELP DEFINE, CURL AND ADD LENGTH. o 1. BEGIN BY APPLYING ONE LAYER OF MASCARA ON YOUR TOP AND BOTTOM EYELASHES WITH THE TWISTED WIRE 3. FOR A MORE BRISTLES. DRAMATIC LOOK, LET MASCARA DRY FOR A COUPLE OF MINUTES AND REPEAT BOTH STEPS. NON-TOXIC FORMULA WITH ACTIVE INGREDIENTS FOR FULLER AND STRONGER LASHES. The hybrid brush comes with both twisted wire bristles to load mascara and add volume and a silicone comb to define, add length and curl lashes.  1. APPLY ONE LAYER USING BEFORE TWISTED WIRE BRISTLES WITH SILICONE BRISTLES 3. REPEAT STEPS 1 AND 2 2. COMB UPPER LASHES I'g Our buildable Italian made formula also comes loaded with active ingredients Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 and Panthenol (Vitamin B5), two lash conditioners to add nourishment, help promote hair growth and to create longer, fuller and stronger lashes. Photos credit to lookatallthosesparkles, mirismakeupcloset, whitcharae,  makeup_bysugg.  Add Mascara to Your Cart Visit Our Store in Arizona! Come visit our store in Chandler Fashion Center!  Our store is located on the second floor next to Bath and Body Works. The closest entrance is through Barnes & Noble located on the North side of the Mall.   View Hours & Map NAILS Instagram Facebook TikTok YouTube Pinterest BEAUTY Instagram Facebook TikTok YouTube Pinterest
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