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2023 has been crazy so far...

Vitae Apparel sent this email to their subscribers on June 15, 2023.

Recap of our VITAE journey!

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VA VITAE APPAREL Woohoo! We're half way through the year! And we're also celebrating our company's fiscal year end as of May. As we plan for the rest of 2023 and our companys new year, we love reflecting on all of the great things weve done so far this year. Reply directly to this email and let us know if you've got any events, ideas, or collabs that you're looking to see before 2023 ends! STAY TUNED FOR MORE I JANUARY 5 Vitae x Selena Lael Collab JANUARY 22 Lunar New Year Exclusive Drop FEBRUARY 28 New Era Collection APRIL 13 O Online Meditation @Workshop Event APRIL 19 IRL Toronto Vitae x Spinco Event H ;""f MAY 30 Cloud 9 Collection I JANUARY 17 Y CEOV3: On Offline Collection FEBRUARY 14 A In-App Exclusive V-DAY Drop M s e MARGH 11 IRL Vancouver Warehouse Sale APRIL 13 Vitae Apparel: Pre- loved on Tree . Treet " ae MAY 16 Return To Self Retreat Launch JUNET7 Official Toronto Warehouse Move ;m STAY TUNED FOR MORE I BESTSELLERS CLEARANCE FOLLOW US ON IG @VITAEAPPAREL
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