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👌Knife skills SAFETY TIPS for kids

Tovla Jr sent this email to their subscribers on January 22, 2024.

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& TOVLAjr o (IFE ST TIPS (FOR (IBS Here is some easy tips to remember Py SIS P Py Cut round food like bananas or cucumbers in half so they lay flat - it's safer and easier to cut. Always hold knives down and never run with them. Keep the tip of the \ Stand strong and steady with your feet shoulder-width apart and 3 elbows out for balance ) Use your "claw" hand to hold the food securely, and keep your thumb tucked in and away from the knife. i~ And remember, always watch the knife' while you cut - no wandering eyes! Custom Button Text Custom You’re receiving this email because you’ve signed up to receive weekly updates from Tovlajr. here. © 2023 Tovlajr All Rights Reserved
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