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Fall Y'all🍂

Thomas Lee Sheets sent this email to their subscribers on October 23, 2023.

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Thomas Lee Sheets Logo The First Day of Fall Happy Fall, y'all! We know, we know.  We still have our air conditioning on, too!  Nonetheless, it's officially Fall which means it's time to start thinking about bonfires, leaves, and layers. SHOP NOW LAYERING YOUR BED FOR MAXIMUM COZINESS Fall is a special time of year when you can settle in and enjoy some extra time in your bed. This Fall, transform your room into a cozy oasis. Fall Layers Creating the perfect bedding mix for a warm and cozy night’s sleep can be overwhelming. So many options! Some blankets are too hot, others aren’t warm enough, and you wake up shivering in the middle of the night. Layering your bedding allows you (and your partner) to find the sweet spot. If you’re looking for ready-made, comfortable bedding collections, check out the all-weather or cold-weather bedding collection. SHOP BLANKETS & THROWS SHOP OUR COZY BESTSELLERS Fall is on its way! Put away the linen and break out your favorite warm and cozy blankets. percale sheet sets blankets and throws Blankets & Throws pillows Pillows Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Shop now, pay later Thomas Lee Sheets Logo Women operated, OEKO Tex certified Icons Percale sheet sets Pillows Blankets and Throws Comforters and Coverlets Mattress Pads Shop All Offer valid on orders of $200 or more.  Offer valid on first order only. All discounts and sales exclude gift cards.  Discounts may not be combined.   or  | 8765 W Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27409  | [email protected]  | (877) 866-5331
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