Matt Insley for Strategic intelligence: Saddam Hussein’s execution is re-opened

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An ex-CIA insider just made a bold claim. Blaze Sponsors Below is a message from our sponsor, Paradigm Press, LLC.  Dear concerned American, An ex-CIA insider just made a bold claim. He swears THIS is the real reason US special forces dragged Saddam Hussein out of a stinking Iraqi hole… Before sending him to hang at the end of a noose. This government insider claims it has everything to do with… * A deal with Saudi Arabia… * A huge mistake by Joe Biden… * And a coming financial attack on your retirement savings. While this information is still online… >>See the truth about Saddam and Biden here<< Regards, Matt Insley Publisher, Paradigm Press P.S. When Libyan President Mohamar Gaddafi was rammed with a bayonet and then dragged through the streets, it was for the SAME REASON. Warning: This is explosive and controversial intel – use your own discretion to view it here. This ad is sent on behalf of Paradigm Press, LLC, at 808 St. Paul Street, Baltimore MD 21202. If you're not interested in this opportunity from Paradigm Press, LLC, please click here to remove your email from these offers. == r e nnecis © 2023 Blaze Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in to receive emails from Blaze Media. The advertiser may collect personal information based on your interaction with this email. Please read the advertiser’s privacy policy for more information. | |   8275 S. Eastern Ave, Ste 200-245 Las Vegas, Nevada, 89123, USA
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