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The Whistling Kettle sent this email to their subscribers on January 28, 2023.

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K e Give Yourself aΒ Boost! TEA TEAWARE VISIT US BLOG EASE THE MIND, BODY & SOUL! WHETHER YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT FLU SEASON, OR JUST WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL HEALTH, MANY PEOPLE TURN TO TEA FOR ITS MEDICINAL EFFECTS. READ ON TO FIND OUT WHICHΒ IMMUNE BOOSTING TEAS ARE AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF - LIMITED TIME ONLY! Read on LAST CHANCE! TAKE 15% OFF ALL HERBAL TEA FOR JANUARY 2023! CODE: NEWYEAR23 Valid Online Only*, 1/01/2022-1/31/2023 Mindful Orange Moringa - 3oz Mindful Orange Moringa - 3oz Ginger Blueberry - 4oz Ginger Blueberry - 4oz Comfort Chaga tea - 4oz Comfort Chaga tea - 4oz Sleep Tight - 3oz Sleep Tight - 3oz Shop Now IMMUNE BOOSTING TEAS FEEL BETTER "THIS IS THE TEA THAT I ALWAYS TURN TO WHEN I AM NOT FEELING LIKE MYSELF. HELPS ME SETTLE AND IS GOOD ON MY TUMMY AND MY TONGUE. THIS IS MY KIND OF TEA FOR SELF-CARE. IT'S LIKE BEING WRAPPED UP IN MOMMA'S ARMS KIND OF COMFORT AND PEACE. LOVE IT! -LORENA Shop GREEK MOUNTAIN "SIPPING ON GREEK MOUNTAIN TEA IS LIKE RECEIVING A WARM HUG. THE TASTE IS SIMPLE, SMOOTH AND REFRESHING. AFTER DRINKING THIS TEA REGULARLY FOR A FEW WEEKS, I FELT HEALTHIER WITH INCREASED VITALITY, WITHOUT THE IMITATION OF CAFFEINE OR OTHER STIMULANTS." -MARYJEANNE Shop STIMULATING "I HAVE REPLACED MY MORNING COFFEE WITH THIS TEA, AND I FEEL BETTER, HEALTHIER, AND I SEEM TO HAVE MORE ENERGY WITHOUT THE CRASH! IT'SΒ PRETTY TASTY WHEN SOME HONEY IS ADDED TO IT, TOO, SO I DON'T HAVE TO LOAD IT UP WITH A BUNCH OF MILK AND SUGAR LIKE I DO WITH COFFEE." -JK Shop NEW HERBAL TEAS Our newest Herbal blends are a must try! Raspberry Lemon Lavender Mint Chamomile Mint Get them 15% off for a limited time! Code: NEWYEAR23 OFFER ENDS 01/31/22 Shop Now NEW JAVA BEAN TEA! This Pu-erh blend is a daring combination of Pu-erh tea, Ethiopian Coffee, and a dash of Kerala Cocoa. Enjoy the earthy tones of Pu-erh tea, balanced by the nutty smoothness of coffee and mellow mouth-feel of sweet chocolate. Shop Now NEW CBD TEA Bring calmness to the mind and body with hemp tea - help alleviate stress, decrease anxiety and minimize inflammation. Try herbal flavors like Thunderbird Chai, Healer's Heart, Snake Charmer & more! Shop Here *Disclaimer: These sales are only valid on our website Sales do not apply in-person at any Whistling Kettle location. Customers may only take advantage of discounts while shopping on our website and cannot transfer discounts, coupon codes or deals to store purchases. Sale is valid from 1/01/2023 12:00am to 1/31/2023 11:59pm. Exclusions apply. Whistling Kettle, 1205 Broadway, Menands, NY, 12204 Β Β Forward 1205 Broadway, Albany, NY 12204
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