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The Skinny Food Co sent this email to their subscribers on November 26, 2023.

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PLUS Up to 40% OFF Selected Products! ⏰ The Skinny Food Co Logo N TOI00e0, SALE SYRUPS HIGH PROTEIN LOW/ZERO MORE 1 i S Y J LN ci C AAelald EVERYTHING Cy - W s ',25.',1',5 - kiG ;"T - S o e T g P Don't miss our BIGGEST Black Friday Sale YET! With unmissable discounts, deals & savings. Get your favourite Skinny Food Co Products at the lowest prices. Don't wait any longer - grab them before they sell out. *All the products in our Black Friday Sale have already been slashed and cannot be discounted further using additional codes. Shop Now TOP 5 BLACK FRIDAY BEST SELLERS! HURRY, THEY'RE SELLING FAST! Image 1 TOP 5 LOW SUGAR CHOCAHOLIC MALT BALLS Shop Now Image 2 TOP 5 BARISTA SALTED CARAMEL SYRUP, CREAMERS AND MORE Shop Now Image 3 TOP 5 HIGH PROTEIN BREAD Shop Now Image 1 TOP 5 425ML MAPLE SYRUP Shop Now Image 5 TOP 5 CHOCAHOLIC HAZELNUT PROTEIN SPREAD Shop Now Spend SEeVE It's back! Claim Up to 40% off all skinny food products that are NOT in the Black Friday collection 20% OFF No Minimum Spend Use Code SMSM20 Claim 20% Off 30% OFF £30 Minimum Spend Use Code SMSM30 Claim 30% Off 40% OFF £40 Minimum Spend Use Code SMSM40 Claim 40% Off (Excludes Third Party Products) 3 For 2 BLACK FRIDAY BEST SELLERS! GET YOUR DAILY ESSENTIALS WITH OUR BEST SELLING BUNDLES AT THE BEST PRICE, WITH THE ADDED FREEBIES! Syrup bundle 1 LITRE SYRUP BUNDLE 5 FOR £15 ONLY £3 EACH RRP £39.95 NOW ONLY £15 Shop Now NO ADDED SUGH bl R CALORIE v No ADDED SUGMR COCKTAIL MIXERS 5 FOR £5 BELOW COST PRICE RRP £32.45 NOW ONLY £5 Shop Now Image 1 60ML SYRUP BUNDLE 6 FOR £7.99 ALL THE FLAVOURS RRP £17.94 NOW ONLY £7.99 Shop Now 7142023 by Lindsay Spence All their products are amazing! All their products are amazing!! My fave is definitely the sauces and the jam -for someone with a sweet tooth, the maple syrup and raspberry jam - out of this world! Rated 4.3 out of 5 60,473 reviews on *Trustpilot Skinny Food Co Instagram Skinny Food Co Instagram Threads Skinny Food Co Twitter Skinny Food Co Youtube Skinny Food Co Facebook Skinny Food Co Tiktok *Offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offers, valid for a limited time only. Copyright @ 2023 The Skinny Food Co, All rights reserved. Signed up on our website or purchased. The Skinny Food Co, Unit 1 John Rann Business Park, Eagle Close, Nottingham, NG5 7FJ, UK   | 
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