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HURRY! Up to 40% Off Our NEWEST Products | Spend More Save More Is Back!

The Skinny Food Co sent this email to their subscribers on November 23, 2023.

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Up to 40% OFF Selected Products! ⏰ The Skinny Food Co Logo N TOI00e0, SALE SYRUPS HIGH PROTEIN LOW/ZERO MORE Black Friday CLAIM UP TO 40% OFF ON OUR NEWEST PRODUCTS! Skinny Whey Protein NEW SKINNY WHEY PROTEIN POWDER Shop Now Chocaholic High Protein Spread NEW CHOCAHOLIC HAZELNUT PROTEIN SPREAD Shop Now High Protein Pasta NEW HIGH PROTEIN PASTA Shop Now e sklMNU 00d CO3 o - e o 3 NEW HIGH PROTEIN PORRIDGE POTS Shop Now Chocaholic Syrup NEW CHOCAHOLIC 425ML SYRUPS Shop Now Spend SEeVE It's back! Claim Up to 40% off all skinny food products that are NOT in the Black Friday collection 20% OFF No Minimum Spend Use Code SMSM20 Claim 20% Off 30% OFF £30 Minimum Spend Use Code SMSM30 Claim 30% Off 40% OFF £40 Minimum Spend Use Code SMSM40 Claim 40% Off (Excludes Third Party Products) 3 For 2 BEST SELLING BLACK FRIDAY BUNDLES! GET YOUR DAILY ESSENTIALS WITH OUR BEST SELLING BUNDLES AT THE BEST PRICE, WITH THE ADDED FREEBIES! Syrup bundle 1 LITRE SYRUP BUNDLE 5 FOR £15 ONLY £3 EACH RRP £22.93 NOW ONLY £15 Shop Now NO ADDED SUGH bl R CALORIE v No ADDED SUGMR COCKTAIL MIXERS 5 FOR £5 BELOW COST PRICE RRP £16.47 NOW ONLY £5 Shop Now Image 1 60ML SYRUP BUNDLE 6 FOR £7.99 ALL THE FLAVOURS RRP £13.99 NOW ONLY £7.99 Shop Now 7142023 by Lindsay Spence All their products are amazing! All their products are amazing!! My fave is definitely the sauces and the jam -for someone with a sweet tooth, the maple syrup and raspberry jam - out of this world! Rated 4.3 out of 5 60,323 reviews on *Trustpilot Skinny Food Co Instagram Skinny Food Co Instagram Threads Skinny Food Co Twitter Skinny Food Co Youtube Skinny Food Co Facebook Skinny Food Co Tiktok *Offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offers, valid for a limited time only. Copyright @ 2023 The Skinny Food Co, All rights reserved. Signed up on our website or purchased. The Skinny Food Co, Unit 1 John Rann Business Park, Eagle Close, Nottingham, NG5 7FJ, UK   | 
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