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£1.99 - Zero Calorie Coffee Syrups

The Skinny Food Co sent this email to their subscribers on September 22, 2023.

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Coffee Syrups NOW £1.99 + Chocaholic Restock The Skinny Food Co Logo SYRUPS SAUCES SNACKS SPREADS MORE 67 PRODUCTS AVAILABLE Shop Now SKINNY LOW SUGAR CHOCAHOLIC TREAT SELECTION  £12.99  £10.99 Shop Now CHOCAHOLIC MALT BALLS  £1.49  £0.99 Shop Now CHOCAHOLIC BUBBLE BAR  £1.49  £1.19 Shop Now WHITE CHOCOLATE LOW SUGAR LOW CALORIE SKINNY CRISPIES - 23G  £1.99  £1.49 Shop Now SEPTEMBER SALE UP TO 90% OFF + FREE MYSTERY GIFT ON ORDERS OVER £30 + AN EXTRA FREE MYSTERY GIFT ON ORDERS OVER £40 Shop Now New in - Browse collection CHOCAHOLIC UNICORN SPREAD £3.99 £1.49 Shop Now Superfoodio Peanut butter buttons OTHER BRANDS WE STOCK At Skinny Food Co, we take pride in being your one stop shop for daily essentials, including Protein Powder, Bars, Shakes, Pre Workouts, and more. Our stock is curated from top-notch Partnered brands, including CNP, Grenade, MyProtein, C4 Energy, Huel, and many more. GRENADE MYPROTEIN UFIT HUEL CNP C4 ENERGY Shop All Brands Skinny Food Co Instagram Skinny Food Co Threads Skinny Food Co Twitter Skinny Food Co Youtube Skinny Food Co Facebook Skinny Food Co Tiktok Copyright @ 2023 The Skinny Food Co, All rights reserved. Signed up on our website or purchased. The Skinny Food Co, Unit 1 John Rann Business Park, Eagle Close, Nottingham, NG5 7FJ, UK   | 
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