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Why is protein important in your diet? 🤔

The Six Pack Chef sent this email to their subscribers on June 13, 2024.

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JUMP BACK INTO YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY! 💪 DID YOU KNOW that study suggests a higher protein intake supports the maintenance of muscle mass and strength as you age, contributing to overall health and mobility? Time to get back into eating better and feeling better with The Six Pack Chef, today! 😎  BOOK YOUR MEAL PLAN  Weekly Menu June 17-23 June 17 Tuna Ala Pobre with Garlic Fried Rice 41g Protein, 58g Carbs, 11g Fat, 495Kcal. 3.6183g Fiber, 565.0878mg Sodium. Char Siu Chicken with ~~_ Hainan Rice 36g Protein, 74g Carbs, 15g Fat, 575Kcal. 4.31095g Fiber, 676.95mg Sodium. Cuban Mojo Pork with Sweet Chipotle Sauce, Guacamole, Turmeric Basmati and Black Beans 35g Protein, 64g Carbs, 289 Fat, 648Kcal. 6.579679 Fiber, 477.972mg Sodiium. Taiwanese Braised Beef with Bokchoy, and Eg%Nnnrlles 44g Protein, 67g Carbs, 16g Fat, 588Kcal. 7.1652g Fiber, 876.9975mg Sodium Soy Sauce Chicken with Annato Fried Rice and Pickled Radish 39g Protein, 55g Carbs, 10g Fat, 466Kcal. 7.3417g Fiber, 900.583mg Sodium. Moroccan Pork Roast with Yogurt-Hummus and Roasted = Vegehhles 39g Protein, 59g Carbs, 30g Fat, 662Keal. 6.9663g Fiber, 543.522mg Sodium J June 19 Tex Mex Beef with Mexican Chorizo Rice Pilaf & Pineapple Salsa 429 Protein, 68g Carbs, 20g Fat, 620Kcal. 8.775439 Fiber, 668.427mg Sodium. /\ Ginger Chicken with Basmati, Pickled Radish and Gai Lan \ 36g Protein, 67g Carbs, 11g Fat, 511Kcal. 4.0211g Fiber, 618.967mg Sodium. Roast Pork with Hamonado Sauce, Panfried Plantains, Baguio Beans, ~ Roasted Tomatoes and Annato . Brown Rice 34g Protein, 69g Carbs, 259 Fat, 637Kcal 4.8673g Fiber, 758.888mg Sodium. Grilled BBQ Tuna with Mixed Grain Java Rice, Grilled Tomatoes _~ and Sautéed Malabar S?inach 41g Protein, 69g Carbs, 15g Fat, 575Kcal 5.25114g Fiber, 778.2278mg Sodium Chinese-Style Steamed Chicken ~— with Bokchoy, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Egg Noodles 42g Protein, 56g Carbs, 199 Fat, 563Kcal. 3.7606g Fiber, 690.9864mg Sodium. Rosemary Garlic Roast Pork \_, with Strawberry Sauce 34g Profein, 49g Carbs, 26g Fat 566Kcal. 7.1246g Fiber, 648.7228mg \Sod\um June 21 Soyless Beef Tapa with Roasted Tomatoes, Mango Salsa & Mixed Grain Smanga 429 Protein, 59g Carbs, 19g Fat, 575Kcal. 6.88194g Fiber, 639.024mg Sodium. Grilled Hoisin Chicken, Pineapple and Cherry Tomatoes with Coconut Rice 38g Protein, 64g Carbs, 19g Fat, 579Kcal. 3.5948g Fiber, 392.426mg Sodium. Smoked Pulled Pork with Coleslaw, Baguio Beans and Roasted Potatoes 33g Protein, 46g Carbs, 24g Fat, 532Kcal. 6.12175g Fiber, 767.0924mg Sodium. June 22 Roast Beef Brisket with Truffle Sauce, Roasted Potato & Apple Salad 38g Protein, 40g Carbs, 23g Fat, 519Kcal. 5.2376g Fiber, 603.3948mg Sodium. Chicken Adoho with m/alm Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Atchara\ 37g Protein, 61g Carbs, 14g Fat, 518Kcal. 4.2901g Fiber, 677.3255mg Indonesian Pork and Turmeric Nasi Gnrnng 429 Protein, 59g Carbs, 15g Fat, 539Kcal. 4.55155g Fiber, 773.1663mg Sodium. Korean Honey Glazed Salmon with Cucumber Kimehi & Black Rice 359 Protein, 58g Carbs, 24g Fat, 588Kcal. 2.764g Fiber, 831.5035mg Sodium., Chilindrdn Chicken 37g Protein, 40g Carbs, 199 Fat, 479Kcal. 7.0376g Fiber, 753.09mg Sodium. with Grilled Tomatoes and Adlai Fried Rice 389 Protein, 53g Carbs, 29g Fat, 625Kcal. 6.4298g Fiber, 415.463mg Coyless Pork Adoho Flakes  BOOK YOUR MEAL PLAN  The Six Pack Chef, Inc., Fortune Building Annex, 17 Lakeview Drive, Pasig City, Philippines Powered by Squarespace
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