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May 8-14 Menu: A week of BEST SELLERS!

The Six Pack Chef sent this email to their subscribers on May 6, 2023.

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MAY 8-14 MENU: A WEEK OF BEST SELLERS! Are you ready for an entire week of our High Protein Best Sellers? It’s a week you definitely don’t want to miss! What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out and book your meal plan today.  Book May 8-14 Meal Plan  MAY 8 Grilled Inmn lilazed Chicken with Java Rice oasted Vegetables 37 Pmtem 67g Cars, 19g Fat, 587Kcal. 542327gF iber, 682.1 Sodium. Coconut Pork Squash Curry with Okra, Basmati Pilaf Sambal 34g Protein, 61g Carbs, 23g Fat, 587Kcal 4.5627g Fiber, 450.5675mg Sodium. Mediterranean Slmd Roast Beef with Peper Tahini Yogurt Sauce , Grilled Tomatoes and Bulgur Salad 40g Protein, 51g Carbs, 20g Fat, 544Kcal. 61257gber, 341.0703mg Sodium MAY 9 Moroccan Pork Roast with Yogurt-Hummus and Roasted Vegetables Carbs, 30g Fat, Q%ISSgF bgrg 54431%05%@80:17111 Osso Buco Milanese with Parmesan Brown Rice Risotto 46g Protein, 59 Carbs, 15g Fat, 555Kcal. 6.9894g Fiber, 583.879mg Sodium. Chinese-Style Steamed Chicken with Bokchoy, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Egg Noodles 429 Protein, 56g Carbs, 19g Fat, 563Kcal. 37606 Fiber, 690.9864mg Sodium. MAY 10 Grilled Salmon with Red Chimichurri 34 Protein, 49g Carbs, 24g Fat, 548Kcal. 4.2851g Fiber, 224.0648mg Sodium. Chicken Piccata with Potatoes Olives 38g Protein, 41g Carts, 22g Fat, 514Kcal. 6.8562g fiber, 840.1146mg Sodium. Soyless Pork Adobo Flakes with Grilled Tomatoes and Adlai Fried Rice 38g Protein, 53g Carbs, 29g Fat, 625Kcal. 64298 Fiber, 415463mg Sodium. MAY T1 Twice Cooked Pork Hui Guo Rou 98ngtm in, 76g Carbs, 35g Fat, 775Kcal 3665 Fiber, 813631Tmg Sodium. Braised Beef Caldereta with Basmau Rice Pilaf and Cheddar 43 Protein, 69 Carbs, 21g Fat, 637Kzl 77726gF ber, 721242ng31mm Yogurt Marinated Chicken with Tomato Curry, Roasted Potatoes Sauteed Green Beans 35g Protein, 49g Carbs, 19g Fat, 507Kcal 7.24604g Fiber, 609.5645mg Sodi MAY 12 Taiwanese-! Style Three Cup Chicken with Mixed Grains Cashew 34g Protein, 46g Carbs, 21g Fat, 509Kcal. 44918g Fiber, 482432mg$odium Grilled Pork Loin with Sweet Potato Mash, Gai Mushroom Gravy 37gProtein, 45g Carbs, 33g Fat, 625Kcal. 79909gF iber, 1313.78mg Sodium. Greek Tuna Pasta with Olive Tapenade and Roasted Vegetables 43g Protein, 52g Carbs, 17g Fat, 533Kcal. 5.734g Fiber, 8155mg Sodium. MAY 13 Lechon Baka with Parsley-Mint Salsa Verde 39 Protein, 63g Carbs, 20g Fat, 588Kcal. 45002 Fiber, 790.856mg Sodium. Chicken Stroganoff Pasta Grilled Vegetables 40g Protein, 59 Carbs, 224 Fat, 594cal 6.20055 Fier, 611.9638mg Sodium. Sweet Soy Grilled Pork with Grilled Pineapple Salsa, and Annato Adlai 41gProtein, 61g Carts, 19 Fat, 579Kcal. .57464g Fiber, 480.265mg Sodium. MAY 14 Grilled Pork Skewers with Sour Cream and Chives Mashed Potatoes 41gProtein, 48g Carbs, 29g Fat, 617Kcal. 60731g Fiber, 584.142Tmg Sodium. Braised Beef in Red Wine Sauce 39 Protein, 48g Carbs, 23g Fat, 555Kcal. 809213g Fiber, 732.7006mg Sodium. Chicken Yogurt Alfredo Pasta 45g Protein, 55g Carhs, 18g Fat, 562Kcal. 46036 Fiber, 454.6018mg Sodium. The Six Pack Chef, Inc., Fortune Building Annex, 17 Lakeview Drive, Pasig City, Philippines
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