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Text-only version of this email 19 March 2024 Opinion Tom Nicholson Has the menopause conversation reached a tipping point? Good afternoon, Kate Lister thought she was ready for the menopause. She had read every article, seen every documentary, listened to every podcast. She’d become a touch, as she describes it, “peri-paranoid”.  So when The Lancet called for a more nuanced conversation about the menopause, she was ready to have it. But when the journal suggested the menopause has been “over-medicalised” a lot of people were unhappy.  Kate writes: “I fear that framing menopause as a disease is becoming a convenient way to dismiss older women as inherently unwell. Women have been stereotyped as being irrational hysterics, at the mercy of their reproductive cycles since the Ancient Greeks and their theories about ‘wandering wombs’.  “I’d like to think we are well past such nonsense by now, but you have to ask how much progress has actually been made if I am living in fear of what the menopause will do to my body and mental wellbeing.” A frank conversation about symptoms, treatments and the reality of the menopause is, she thinks, well overdue. Click here for the full article Enjoying this newsletter? Then make sure you sign up to our others, including Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's excellent In Conversation. Today's talking points  * Rumours swirl about plots to place Penny Mordaunt as Prime Minister - the fourth of this Parliament. It couldn’t happen… could it? Isabel Hardman isn’t ruling it out. Click here to read * The ludicrous charade of Vladimir Putin’s election win should make us laugh, says Mark Wallace, but our own government’s lax response is the real joke. Click here to read More from our writers  * "Lloyds Bank’s ‘inclusive language’ guide veers to wilder extremes of woke" - As a new guide to acceptable phrases raises eyebrows – “guinea pig” is out, on grounds of sensitivity to vegans, for instance – Simon Kelner isn’t convinced he should hold his tongue. Click here to read * "The weirdest thing about the Kate video" - And Rebecca Reid has spotted the truly unsettling part of that Will and Kate video. Nope, she’s not on about the conspiracy theories – it’s the unbelievable sight of a couple doing the big shop without snapping at each other. Click here to read Views from elsewhere * The right to wild camping and responsible roaming in the countryside is up for review in the courts, and for Rosie Jewell in the Guardian, that freedom to wander Dartmoor was essential when she was a child. Click here to read * In the Independent, James Downs lauds Earl Spencer for speaking out about the toll bulimia took on him, and letting other men know they’re not alone. Click here to read Readers' corner Martin Read in Horsham is living proof that having a job for life like Casualty’s Derek Thompson can be a joy. “Certainly doing the same job for years on end would bore anyone with an imagination. But it depends who you’re working for.  “I stayed with the same international company for 42 years, during which time I had 22 different jobs, taking me round the UK and, latterly South America, learning a lot while working with great people and passing on my experience. It wouldn’t have been such fun if I’d worked for 22 different employers.” And Sally Lawton in Kirtlington, Oxfordshire, wants any incoming Labour government to go back to basics.  “If Sir Keir Starmer’s administration is to become New Labour mark two and emulate Tony Blair’s policies, it has no appeal. What public services need most is more trained personnel.  “Politicians who plan to spend public money on frontline staff, improving work conditions and offering sound training opportunities would be offering something both attractive and necessary.” i ask you Would you want a Banksy on your house? Click on the poll below to vote. UVEPOLL o 1VOTES ‘Would you want a Banksy on your house? k@fl Yes No On Monday we asked, "Do you own an air fryer?" - 61 per cent said no. What have we missed?  Would you like to hear from us? Is there a writer you’d like to hear from, or a topic you think we’ve missed? Want to be featured in Readers' Corner? Email us at [email protected] or tweet Aimee @AimeePaige Want to subscribe?  If you have been forwarded this email by a friend, sign up for yourself here, selecting the "Opinion" option. Read more opinion now Get the latest news Sign up to more newsletters FacebookInstagramTwitter
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