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Plus: New emoji are coming, what kind of billionaire are you?, get that song in your head unstuck, and more. The Hustle o wHUSTLE How’s the tummy doing this morning? An estimated 1.5B wings were downed in the US on Super Bowl Sunday. If laid end to end, those wings would stretch one-third of the way to the moon, which, coincidentally, is where every 49ers fan wishes they lived right now. In today’s email: * AI: A smiley robot is every kid’s dream (/our nightmare). * Private islands: You don’t even have one; Larry Page has five. * Digits: Why not drop $80k on a historic coroner’s report? * Around the web: How to get catchy songs out of your head, a trophy-worthy cocktail, and more. 👇 Listen: Our AI expert Martina drops by to round up the latest things that’ll revolutionize life and/or kill us. The Hustle Daily Show Gk v (PR e e e 2 NIRRT R S LR e The Big IdeaA little boy in a red polo shirt and a little girl in a pink coat looking excitedly at a white robot on a table. BOTS FOR TOTS: AI-POWERED CHILDREN’S TOYS ARE TALKING BACK Toy companies are using artificial intelligence to keep kids company with smart toys. 2024-02-12T00:00:00Z Sara Friedman When we were younger, talking to an imaginary friend was the best way to pass the time. But for today’s kids, make-believe is getting revamped. AI-powered toys are flooding the market to chat with children while they play, per Forbes. Today’s AI toys are pricey, but promise personalized education and entertainment: * Moxie is a $799 robot designed to help kids ages 5-10 hit developmental milestones through conversation. It can support up to four profiles individually adapted to each child. * AI plush rocket toy Grok costs $99 and can answer children’s questions. It’s not related to Elon Musk’s chatbot Grok, but it is voiced by his ex Grimes. * Fawn ($199) and Snorble ($299) are both taking preorders, promising parents help with everything from emotional development to building healthy habits. And the $99 Miko Mini is a smiley robot loaded with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 as well as proprietary AI models. It can answer kids’ homework questions, conversate, and play games. The company, last valued at $290m, says it has sold ~500k devices to date and estimates it will surpass $50m in revenue for the fiscal year ending in March 2024. Miko is trained on books and school curriculums from the likes of Oxford University Press and has partnerships with companies like Disney and Paramount. AI TOYS… … have the potential to do more than just keep kids busy. Some companies are already programming their bots to offer mental health support. * Moxie, valued at $135m, helps kids unpack stressful situations using cognitive behavioral therapy tactics and by analyzing facial expressions. It hopes to one day serve as a replacement for expensive talk therapy. * Miko has a screen for video calls, and plans to eventually offer telehealth therapy via the bot. For now, the bots are not advanced enough to fully replace human therapists, but they might help some kids feel a little less alone. Plus, anytime we write about AI, we have to consider data privacy concerns — particularly when it comes to minors. The biggest downside? If we thought Furbies were scary, imagine what little sentient robots could do. View on site Free Resource T GUIDE 1] R 1 L . THE SELF-STARTER’S GUIDE TO GROWING ONLINE If tackling digital marketing feels like charging at a seven-headed beast, that’s great — because today, young scroll-stoppers, we’re dead set on covering the bases, the basics, and the places you should be. This intro to digital marketing is an overview on growing from scratch and setting up an airtight strategy. Learn how to navigate SEO, email, paid search, social media, and other top channels for your brand. There are seven more guides within the guide. We figured you would like that. Digital marketing 101 → TRENDING eyeball wearing a hat OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is reportedly seeking investors to help him wildly expand the world’s chipmaking capabilities, a project that could require $5T-$7T. Yep, that “T” means trillion. Yep, that amount exceeds the GDP of every nation except for the US and China. Good luck with that, man. SNIPPETS Apple has reportedly built multiple foldable iPhone prototypes, but don’t expect them to launch anytime before 2026, if ever. Folding iPads, which have also been in development, could come to market sooner. Elon Musk officially switched the incorporation location of Neuralink from Delaware to Nevada. Musk’s brain tech startup hit the road after a Delaware judge nixed his $55B+ Tesla compensation package. Speaking of Elon… The Dawn Project, an advocacy group for safer software, shelled out $552k on Super Bowl ads, calling out Tesla’s “dangerous self-driving experiments.” Didn’t see them? The ads only ran locally in Washington, DC; Dover, Delaware; Traverse City, Michigan; and Santa Barbara, California. Productivity app Notion acquired Skiff, an encrypted email platform. The acquisition follows Notion’s launch of a new calendar as well as AI tools. Yikes: A crowd of people torched an autonomous Waymo vehicle Saturday in San Francisco. The mob surrounded the car, ultimately breaking its windows and throwing a lit firework inside. Singapore’s Islamic council ruled that cultivated meat can be considered halal, if manufacturers meet certain conditions. The all-clear is crucial for lab meat producers in the region — ~40% of people in Southeast Asia identify as Muslim. We’d try it: An Old El Paso and Cinnamon Toast Crunch collab is bringing the cereal’s cinnamon sugar coating to taco shells. Unholy brand mashups have been a thing in recent months; congrats to dessert tacos on being this year’s least offensive one to date. Get free stuff... Our referral program is the ultimate win-win — we get your friends reading The Hustle and you get to fuel your insatiable desire for free stuff. Pretty ideal, right? Scroll down to keep that party rolling. (P.S. The more referrals you send, the sooner we’ll unlock new prizes.) CHARTTreasure islands Google co-founder Larry Page just snatched up a $32m private island, but if you're still shopping for one, there's plenty of deluxe inventory. Thailand White sand beaches Ry Has cellular service ¢ (=lle) (S > 3 Tefinis courts LNV ER- 1L 4 : ‘\"yzo-slip marina'| £ £ y B l 4B | - } N Yacht-friendly lagoon 1+ French Polynesia Barrier reef close by £ . World's largest private aquarium P2 R (T R R a1 Aol : Private Islands Inc. % wHUSTLE Olivia Heller HOW MANY PRIVATE ISLANDS DOES A DUDE NEED? Google co-founder Larry Page has at least five private islands in his collection. 2024-02-12T00:00:00Z Ben Berkley Sure, being a billionaire seems fun — hydrofoiling, bow hunting, casually building airships — but there’s a dark side: extreme peer pressure to buy up private islands. Google co-founder Larry Page is routinely upping that pressure. When Business Insider outed him as the secretive buyer of Cayo Norte, a $32m floating gem off Puerto Rico, it noted that Page is now known to own five private islands. * In addition to his latest purchase, Page owns one in Fiji, two in the US Virgin Islands, and to complete the set, one in the British Virgin Islands. * That’s at least five — given the way billionaires use LLCs, it’s possible he could own many more we don’t know about. WHY? As the world’s 8th-richest person, with a $132B net worth, perhaps the better question for Page is: Why not? It’s unclear what Page intends to do with the properties — he’s previously said technologists should have “safe places” to “try out some new things” — but there’s something to be said about complete ownership. * Just ask Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison: he owns 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai, yet he still got pulled over and ticketed for driving without a license last year. Total control is often a particular focus of American entrepreneurs, according to leading private island broker Chris Krolow. “They don’t want to lease… they don’t want a piece… they want the whole island,” he told The Daily Beast. IT’S NOT ALL BIG BUCKS AND GLAMOUR Though the uber-wealthy are quick to snap up bigger tropical islands, there remain tens of thousands of private islands across the world, and Page can’t own them all. Enter Charlotte Gale, a massage therapist from New Jersey who bought 1.5-acre Ducks Ledges Island off Maine last year. Per The Daily Beast, she joined the exclusive club of private island owners after she “literally just Googled cottages under $400,000 anywhere.” The billionaire-level luxury is missing, though — Gale must leave the island’s one-bedroom cabin, which has no running water, during the winter. View on site FIT THE BILL There are thousands of companies valued at $1B+. How many clues do you need to identify today’s billion-dollar brand? Clue 1: A literal rags to riches story, one couple — desperate after the Great Depression closed the circus they performed in — collected used rags from factories, washed them, and sold them back to businesses. Clue 2: Naming is hard, as evidenced by this company’s journey from Acme Industrial Laundry Co.; to Acme Wiper and Industrial Laundry; to Acme Uniform and Towel Supply; to Acme Uniform and Linen Inc.; to Satellite Corp.; then finally, in 1972, to its current name. Clue 3: This Ohio-based company is a critical lifeline for 1m+ companies, supplying everything from uniforms to restroom supplies to fire extinguishers. 👇 Scroll to the bottom for the answer 👇 By the NumbersSeveral emoji, President William McKinley, chocolate bars, and a robot head against an orange background. DIGITS: NOT-SO-HOT CHOCOLATE, NEW EMOJIS, AND MORE NEWSY NUMBERS Pitching a startup? This shouldn’t surprise you, but be prepared to talk about AI. A lot. 2024-02-12T00:00:00Z Juliet Bennett Rylah 65%: YoY increase in cocoa prices due to intense rains and black pod disease in West Africa, where 70% of all cocoa is produced. Rising costs may lead to a decline in chocolate sales, but that’s yet to occur. It is chocolate, after all. Prices are expected to stabilize after a new crop comes to market. 80%+: Share of startup pitches that now involve AI, according to VCs Mamoon Hamid and Ilya Fushman. “To be fair, if you were building a company in 1996 and you didn’t mention the internet, you’d be out of your mind, right?” Hamid said in a conversation with TechCrunch. “In the same vein, not mentioning AI or utilizing it would be a missed opportunity.” He noted AI’s power to boost productivity across numerous fields, allowing people to do more, faster. $80k: The list price of a formerly classified coroner’s report detailing the death of President William McKinley in 1901. McKinley was shot by Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition, but was expected to survive. When McKinley died eight days later, Dr. Herman Matzinger set out to determine why. 118: New emoji coming this spring via the Unicode Consortium’s latest recommendations. Many of these are existing emoji in new variations, but there are also six brand-new emoji, including a lime wedge, phoenix, and broken chain. View on site AROUND THE WEB 📝 On this day: In 2008, the Hollywood writers’ strike ended after what then seemed like a long time — 100 days — and costing the local economy $3B+. The most recent strike lasted 148 days. 🍸 Recipe: Victorians used to drink out of huge silver cups. And yes, this article comes with instructions for a cocktail. 🎶 How to: figure out what song you have stuck in your head. 🎧 Another Bite: A product aims to alleviate parents’ heartache and change the world, one bare bottom at a time. But will the sharks love it, or think it’s a real stinker? 😍 Aww: Hopping around, doing chores. HOT TAKES Now that you’ve read about Larry Page, the billionaire who bought an island for $32m, let’s have a little fun. If you were granted a fortune overnight: What kind of billionaire would you be? Let us know And come back tomorrow to see the results. SHARE THE HUSTLE Hey. Don’t keep us a secret. Refer just 3 people and we'll send Hustle essentials as a thank you. all prizes Share this custom referral link: Your referral count: 0 Today’s Fit the Bill answer is Cintas Corp. (Market cap: $62.83B) Today's email was brought to you by Juliet Bennett Rylah and Sara Friedman. Editing by: Ben “Would be a ‘let’s build a concept city in the desert’ kind of billionaire” Berkley. Was this email forwarded to you? Sign up here. PODCASTJOBSCONTACT USFBYTInstaTwitter The Hustle, 2 Canal Park, Cambridge, MA 02141, US. Never want to hear from us again? Break our hearts and .The Hustle P wHUSTLE
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