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Earn more with our creator referral rewards teach:able — MATTHEW MALIA SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 | VISIT THE BLOG - Hi there, Greetings from team Teachable! I’m Matthew, a Product Manager at Teachable and your guest editor for September’s product update newsletter.  As part of my role, I speak to many Teachable users and I know that running your business and selling your products is about more than making money. It’s also about helping your students and having a positive impact on the lives of others. Many of you even first heard about Teachable when you took a course that was hosted here.  That’s why we decided to provide you—our loyal creators—with a way to do what you love, spread the word, and earn rewards along the way.  With our creator referral rewards, you can invite your students, other creators, entrepreneurs, followers, or business owners in your network to follow your unique link and sign up for Teachable. When they sign up, they instantly receive a $25 credit to put toward any paid plan. Think of it as a bonus they get just for knowing you. There’s more in it for you, too. When someone who signed up using your link upgrades to a paid plan, you also get a $25 credit toward your own school plan. It’s that simple: share what you love and get paid. Not on a paid plan yet? You can still earn referral credit and we’ll automatically apply it when you upgrade to a paid plan. You can find your referral link under the Earn Credit tab within your school admin settings. Wondering how you might share your link? Here are a few ideas to try: * Tweet your link with a few words on your experience using Teachable * Film a TikTok on how you’re making money with Teachable * Include your link in your next audience newsletter or blog post You already help your students succeed, now’s your time to help kickstart another creator’s journey. Over 500 new creators have discovered Teachable by having a referral shared with them by someone else who is already using Teachable. Give a little, get a little. Start referring While I have you, take a peek at some of the other improvements and fixes we cooked up for you: 💡 Embedding third-party content just got better, easier, more powerful, did we say easier? Earlier this year, we made it easy for you to embed videos in your lessons. We recently extended this functionality so you can now drop in a Typeform, Google Doc, YouTube video, Vimeo, or Loom just by pasting a link. And rest assured, the good old-fashioned way of doing this with custom code is still available; we just made it easier. And did you know? Embedded content is responsive to your students’ device and screen size. 💧 Drip course content…now in the curriculum! Dripping course content, AKA releasing sections of your course over time, can now be managed directly in the curriculum builder. No more going to a separate page to set up drip for your course. Set up your drip schedule and the notification email your students will receive when the section is available right next to the section you’re dripping.  Set up your drip today if you’re on a Basic plan or higher. Still on a free plan? Upgrade now for more control over when your students get access to sections in your course–it’s great for cohort-based learning or just setting up a regular cadence for better student engagement. And be sure to visit our blog for more updates on the goings on at Teachable! Matthew Copyright @ 2023 Teachable, Inc. All Rights Reserved 470 Park Ave South New York, NY, 10016 US , , or   at any time. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Pinterest LinkedIn
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