Earn up to $500 per referral with Swimply's new Refer-a-Friend program!

Swimply sent this email to their subscribers on July 6, 2022.

Share Swimply with your friends, and get paid!

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Share Swimply with your friends, and get paid! I3 Swimply Invite your friends! It's easier than ever to share the love of Swimply! Send some invites and earn some credits! - s How it works! Invite a friend to join Swimply. Youll both get a $25 credit when they book their first Swimply. Invite a pool owner to list their pool. Youll get a $500 credit when they earn their first $1,000 Invite friends ONC, Are you a host? Get $250 in cash, instead of credits, when you invite your neighbors and friends to host on Swimply! Learn more GETITON Google Play N Download on the App Store - Facebook Instagram Twitter Website Β 
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