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Sweet E's Bakeshop sent this email to their subscribers on May 22, 2024.

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Your Sweet Treats Are Waiting For Youl! The best things in life are sweet! Place your order now! /“""f7’—‘“4\‘\\\_/!7“\\*\—\_/"\“‘\‘ \J R ——— - CONGRATS GRAD CUPCAKES Price: $39.00 Shop Now YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE THESE Image of Sweet E's Signature Cupcakes Sweet E's Signature Cupcakes $29.00 Image of Ultimate Confetti Birthday Cake Ultimate Confetti Birthday Cake $59.00 Image of Sweet Vintage Coquette Cake Sweet Vintage Coquette Cake $149.00 Image of Mini Cupcakes Mini Cupcakes $72.00 Image of Custom Photo Cookie Cake | Upload Your Artwork Custom Photo Cookie Cake | Upload Your Artwork $79.00 Image of Gold Blossom Cake Gold Blossom Cake $149.00 DISCOVER MORE Gifts Cookies Cakes Custom Products Button Text Custom Custom sweetesbakeshop.com
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