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COLOURED LENSE:! S COSMETICS Nex= t morning after a late breakfast, the wizard was sitting with Frodo by the = open window of the study. A bright fire was on the hearth, but the sun was = warm, and the wind was in the South. Everything looked fresh, and the new g= reen of spring was shimmering in the fields and on the tips of the trees=E2= =80=99 fingers. Gandalf was thinking of a spring, nearly eighty years befor= e, when Bilbo had run out of Bag End without a handkerchief. His hair was p= erhaps whiter than it had been then, and his beard and eyebrows were perhap= s longer, and his face more lined with care and wisdom; but his eyes were a= s bright as ever, and he smoked and blew smoke-rings with the same vigour a= nd delight. He was smoking now in silence, for Frodo was sitting still, dee= p in thought. Even in the light of morning he felt the dark shadow of the t= idings that Gandalf had brought. At last he broke the silence. =E2=80=98Las= t night you began to tell me strange things about my ring, Gandalf,=E2=80= =99 he said. =E2=80=98And then you stopped, because you said that such matt= ers were best left until daylight. Don=E2=80=99t you think you had better f= inish now? You say the ring is dangerous, far more dangerous than I guess. = In what way?=E2=80=99 =E2=80=98In many ways,=E2=80=99 answered the wizard. = =E2=80=98It is far more powerful than I ever dared to think at first, so po= werful that in the end it would utterly overcome anyone of mortal race who = possessed it. It would possess him. =E2=80=98In Eregion long ago many Elven= -rings were made, magic rings as you call them, and they were, of course, o= f various kinds: some more potent and some less. The lesser rings were only= essays in the craft before it was full-grown, and to the Elven-smiths they= were but trifles =E2=80=93 yet still to my mind dangerous for mortals. But= the Great Rings, the Rings of Power, they were perilous. =E2=80=98A mortal= , Frodo, who keeps one of the Great Rings, does not die, but he does not gr= ow or obtain more life, he merely continues, until at last every minute is = a weariness. And if he often uses the Ring to make himself invisible, he fa= des: he becomes in the end invisible permanently, and walks in the twilight= under the eye of the Dark Power that rules the Rings. Yes, sooner or later= =E2=80=93 later, if he is strong or well-meaning to begin with, but neithe= r strength nor good purpose will last =E2=80=93 sooner or later the Dark Po= wer will devour him.=E2=80=99 =E2=80=98How terrifying!=E2=80=99 said Frodo.= There was another long silence. The sound of Sam Gamgee cutting the lawn c= ame in from the garden. =E2=80=98How long have you known this?=E2=80=99 ask= ed Frodo at length. =E2=80=98And how much did Bilbo know?=E2=80=99 =E2=80= =98Bilbo knew no more than he told you, I am sure,=E2=80=99 said Gandalf. = =E2=80=98He would certainly never have passed on to you anything that he th= ought would be a danger, even though I promised to look after you. He thoug= ht the ring was very beautiful, and very useful at need; and if anything wa= s wrong or queer, it was himself. He said that it was =E2=80=98=E2=80=98gro= wing on his mind=E2=80=99=E2=80=99, and he was always worrying about it; bu= t he did not suspect that the ring itself was to blame. Though he had found= out that the thing needed looking after; it did not seem always of the sam= e size or weight; it shrank or expanded in an odd way, and might suddenly s= lip off a finger where it had been tight.=E2=80=99 =E2=80=98Yes, he warned = me of that in his last letter,=E2=80=99 said Frodo, =E2=80=98so I have alwa= ys kept it on its chain.=E2=80=99 =E2=80=98Very wise,=E2=80=99 said Gandalf= . =E2=80=98But as for his long life, Bilbo never connected it with the ring= at all. He took all the credit for that to himself, and he was very proud = of it. Though he was getting restless and uneasy. Thin and stretched he sai= d. A sign that the ring was getting control.=E2=80=99 =E2=80=98How long hav= e you known all this?=E2=80=99 asked Frodo again. =E2=80=98Known?=E2=80=99 = said Gandalf. =E2=80=98I have known much that only the Wise know, Frodo. Bu= t if you mean =E2=80=98=E2=80=98known about this ring=E2=80=99=E2=80=99, we= ll, I still do not know, one might say. There is a last test to make. But I= no longer doubt my guess. =E2=80=98When did I first begin to guess?=E2=80= =99 he mused, searching back in memory. =E2=80=98Let me see =E2=80=93 it wa= s in the year that the White Council drove the Dark Power from Mirkwood, ju= st before the Battle of Five Armies, that Bilbo found his ring. A shadow fe= ll on my heart then, though I did not know yet what I feared. I wondered of= ten how Gollum came by a Great Ring, as plainly it was =E2=80=93 that at le= ast was clear from the first. Then I heard Bilbo=E2=80=99s strange story of= how he had =E2=80=98=E2=80=98won=E2=80=99=E2=80=99 it, and I could not bel= ieve it. When I at last got the truth out of him, I saw at once that he had= been trying to put his claim to the ring beyond doubt. Much like Gollum wi= th his =E2=80=98=E2=80=98birthdaypresent=E2=80=99=E2=80=99. The lies were t= oo much alike for my comfort. Clearly the ring had an unwholesome power tha= t set to work on its keeper at once. That was the first real warning I had = that all was not well. I told Bilbo often that such rings were better left = unused; but he resented it, and soon got angry. There was little else that = I could do. I could not take it from him without doing greater harm; and I = had no right to do so anyway. I could only watch and wait. I might perhaps = have consulted Saruman the White, but something always held me back.=E2=80= =99 =E2=80=98Who is he?=E2=80=99 asked Frodo. =E2=80=98I have never heard o= f him before.=E2=80=99 =E2=80=98Maybe not,=E2=80=99 answered Gandalf. =E2= =80=98Hobbits are, or were, no concern of his. Yet he is great among the Wi= se. He is the chief of my order and the head of the Council. His knowledge = is deep, but his pride has grown with it, and he takes ill any meddling. Th= e lore of the Elven-rings, great and small, is his province. He has long st= udied it, seeking the lost secrets of their making; but when the Rings were= debated in the Council, all that he would reveal to us of his ring-lore to= ld against my fears. So my doubt slept =E2=80=93 but uneasily. Still I watc= hed and I waited. =E2=80=98And all seemed well with Bilbo. And the years pa= ssed. Yes, they passed, and they seemed not to touch him. He showed no sign= s of age. The shadow fell on me again. But I said to myself: =E2=80=98=E2= =80=98After all he comes of a long-lived family on his mother=E2=80=99s sid= e. There is time yet. Wait!=E2=80=99=E2=80=99 =E2=80=98And I waited. Until = that night when he left this house. He said and did things then that filled= me with a fear that no words of Saruman could allay. I knew at last that s= omething dark and deadly was at work. And I have spent most of the years si= nce then in finding out the truth of it.=E2=80=99 =E2=80=98There wasn=E2=80= =99t any permanent harm done, was there?=E2=80=99 asked Frodo anxiously. = =E2=80=98He would get all right in time, wouldn=E2=80=99t he? Be able to re= st in peace, I mean?=E2=80=99 =E2=80=98He felt better at once,=E2=80=99 sai= d Gandalf. =E2=80=98But there is only one Power in this world that knows al= l about the Rings and their effects; and as far as I know there is no Power= in the world that knows all about hobbits. Among the Wise I am the only on= e that goes in for hobbit-lore: an obscure branch of knowledge, but full of= surprises. Soft as butter they can be, and yet sometimes as tough as old t= ree-roots. I think it likely that some would resist the Rings far longer th= an most of the Wise would believe. I don=E2=80=99t think you need worry abo= ut Bilbo. =E2=80=98Of course, he possessed the ring for many years, and use= d it, so it might take a long while for the influence to wear off =E2=80=93= before it was safe for him to see it again, for instance. Otherwise, he mi= ght live on for years, quite happily: just stop as he was when he parted wi= th it. For he gave it up in the end of his own accord: an important point. = No, I was not troubled about dear Bilbo any more, once he had let the thing= go. It is for you that I feel responsible. - All rights belong to the book= "The Fellowship of the Ring" by J.R.R. Tolkien. If you wish to know how th= e story continues, then read this amazing book. Hobbits are friendly creatu= res who live a traditional lifestyle and love to eat six meals per day. How= ever, in Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring, Mer= ry and Pippin tell Aragorn that they also love to eat a second breakfast. T= hey are horrified that the man knows nothing about this. The story ends. Th= is text is here only as a placeholder to improve delivery. Please do not ed= it any of the text. I wish you a pleasant day. BUNDLES & SETS Experience Safety in Style SWATI's Coloured Lenses This is why we’re sure you’ll absolutely love our coloured lenses. 7 N\ -\ (f \ ‘\ Double- Layered Technology The colour design is sandwiched between two layers of the lens material, preserving the vibrant colours but also ensuring that the pigment never touches your cornea directly. International Safety Standards We adhere to rigorous international safety standards. Rest assured, they are as safe as any conventional lenses you buy at the pharmacy. Founder's Choice: Of course our founder Swati Verma personally uses SWATI Coloured Lenses! It's not just a product; it's a commitment to safety and style that she not only trusts, but also adores. 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