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Bring memories to life with your favorite photos

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Bring memories to life with your favorite photos @ STORYWORTH newsletter N P o Scan your old photos in 3 easy steps Looking through old photos is such a fun way to spark writing ideas, and it’s super easy to add your favorite images from old albums (or dusty shoeboxes!) to the pages of any Storyworth book. Just follow the simple steps below. Here's what you'll need: * Your photos * A flatbed scanner and relevant software installed on your computer * A clean microfiber cloth  * A small can of compressed air 1. Prepare your photos To get the best digital version of your photo make sure it’s free of dust by gently blowing compressed air across its surface. Try to avoid wiping your photo with a cloth or paper towel and don’t be tempted to flatten out physical creases, as this can cause more damage. Besides, a little wear and tear is the hallmark of a well-loved photo. 2. Scan your photos Give the scanner bed a wipe with a clean microfiber cloth to remove any flecks of dust, and lay your photo gently face down on the scanner bed. Then open the scanner software on your computer and follow the instructions there, paying attention to the following settings: 1. Color format: Sepia, black and white, and color photos should all be scanned with the full color setting enabled. However, if there are any stains on your photo, scan it in grayscale, so that it’s easier to digitally ‘clean up’ later. 2. File type: JPEG/JPG or PNG 3. Resolution (DPI): 600 DPI. This will ensure you get the best quality print of your photo in a Storyworth book. 3. Save your photos Name your scanned image something that will make it easy to find later, for example with a location, person’s name, event or date. Make sure you note where you saved your photos. By digitizing your printed photos, not only will you be able to quickly and easily add them to your Storyworth book, but you’ll have a secure backup of all your favorite pictures. VISIT STORYWORTH NO SCANNER? NO PROBLEM. If you don’t have access to a scanner you can also use your cell phone, which is exactly what Patricia did … "I'm also so happy that I am able to add photographs to my stories. I go through my old photo albums; finding the perfect photos to go along with each story, then take a photo of them with my phone, crop them and turn them to black and white, then upload them to my story! The photos look better than they ever did in my photo album!" SHARE STORYWORTH WITH A FRIEND Pass your custom referral link along to one of your best friends. They'll save $10. And if they purchase Storyworth, you’ll receive a free book credit*. Refer a friend. *Offer valid for existing customers only | Must be logged in to to reach custom referral link StoryWorth, Inc. 2093 PHILADELPHIA PIKE #1080, CLAYMONT DE 19703 United States
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