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Save $10 in the Storyworth holiday sale HOLIDAY SALE Everyone has a story worth sharing Who’s worthy of writing a memoir? Some may think memoirs are reserved for the rich and famous, or those with tales of daring feats. But the heart of any memoir is really sharing a person’s perspective – their experience and memories during meaningful periods of their life. Truly anyone can, and should, write a memoir. A memoir can help one gain insights, share wisdom, and preserve history. And Storyworth makes this process easy by providing prompts to draw out memories, details, and important life moments. Over the last 10 years, we’ve had the honor of seeing the meaning and impact that each person’s stories hold for them and their loved ones. Let someone know their story is worth sharing with a Storyworth gift subscription. Order today to save $10 in our holiday sale. GIVE THE GIFT OF STORYWORTH Learn more about memoirs Take a look at how we define a memoir, the value of writing one, and how Storyworth can help you or a loved one get started. Read more about memoirs on our blog StoryWorth, Inc. 2093 PHILADELPHIA PIKE #1080, CLAYMONT DE 19703 United States
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