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Storyworth customers share their favorite holiday traditions

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Storyworth customers share their favorite holiday traditions @ STORYWORTH HOLIDAY SALE Real holiday stories: fruit cakes, stockings, and Santa The holidays are often wrapped in festive family traditions. From leaving cookies and milk out for Santa to decorating the tree or baking a special cake together, these customs are at the heart of holiday celebrations, year after year. Preserve family stories from this special season and all year round with Storyworth – the easiest way to create a lasting collection of life stories, preserved in a beautiful keepsake book. Order a gift subscription today and save $10 in our holiday sale (no code needed). GIVE THE GIFT OF STORYWORTH Ten Years. Millions of Stories. We’re getting in the festive spirit with stories from Melissa, Thomas, and Charlotte who wrote about some of their favorite holiday traditions in their Storyworth books. While all stories written on Storyworth are private, these customers have volunteered to share some of their favorite holiday memories with the community.  The magic of a summer Christmas “Sunshine streamed through the windows, and we listened to Christmas records on the stereo. I helped Mum with the last of the baking, sweating in our muggy kitchen. The scent of baking cookies, mixed with roses, pine, and eucalyptus, filled the house.” Read Melissa’s story Delicious Christmas baking “Mom always used to say, you need lots of butter and sugar to make cakes taste good. She was right. Mom would bake so many kinds of traditional German cookies, most made from ground nuts; there were macaroons, hazelnut slices, and some cookies with names I would have to copy from her cookbook because I can’t even pronounce them!” Read Charlotte's story Crafting holiday magic We would spend the weeks after Thanksgiving making paper, paste, and glitter Christmas decorations to adorn the windows and doors of our homes. Hand-made cards, ornaments, and presents were crafted for close relatives. My sister and I, drawn to the kitchen by the warm oven and heavenly aroma, helped Mom bake cookies and deserts celebrating the holiday season. Read Thomas' story StoryWorth, Inc. 2093 PHILADELPHIA PIKE #1080, CLAYMONT DE 19703 United States
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