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Text-only version of this email STARSk,#STRIPES, DAILY Daily Headlines DAILY November 27, 2023 | US TROOPS IN LITHUANIA TEST BALTIC DEFENSES ON NATO’S MOST VULNERABLE FLANK This month’s Strong Griffin 2023 was the first time the U.S. contributed large numbers of soldiers — 700 of them — and firepower to the Lithuanian military’s annual exercise in a show of American commitment to defending NATO’s most exposed and at-risk flank. Read more > US AIRMAN KILLED IN CRASH NEAR RAMSTEIN REMEMBERED AS CARING LEADER Tech. Sgt. Lionel Rhone Jr., who had been born just a few miles from his final duty station, received a posthumous promotion Monday at a memorial service attended by hundreds of airmen at Ramstein Air Base. Read more > Hybrid JD in Intellectual Property PART-TIME AND MOSTLY ONLINE Earn your law degree while you fulfill your duty. ot HIJACKERS WHO ATTACKED SHIP NEAR YEMEN WERE LIKELY SOMALIS, PENTAGON SAYS Five hijackers captured by U.S. forces after attempting to take over a commercial ship off the coast of Yemen on Sunday are likely Somalis, not Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, the Pentagon said Monday. Read more > TEXAS SOLDIER KILLED IN FRANCE DURING WORLD WAR II LAID TO REST IN SAN ANTONIO Pfc. Clinton Edward Smith was buried Monday with full military honors at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio. He was 19 years old when he died, and it took 77 years to bring him to rest. Read more > HOW WAR WITH RUSSIA ENDS IS UP TO UKRAINE, NATO CHIEF SAYS AHEAD OF SECURITY TALKS Sacrificing territory to Russia to end the fighting in Ukraine is a decision only Kyiv can make, NATO’s top official said. Read more > Hybrid JD in Intellectual Property PART-TIME AND MOSTLY ONLINE Earn your law degree while you fulfill your duty. ot US, SOUTH KOREAN AND JAPANESE WARSHIPS TRAIN TOGETHER AFTER NORTH SCRAPS PEACE ACCORD Warships from the United States, South Korea and Japan trained near the Korean Peninsula over the weekend to better prepare for North Korean provocations, according to the South’s military. Read more > YOKOTA AIRMEN DEPART FOR OPERATION CHRISTMAS DROP, WHICH INCLUDES FRESH FACES THIS YEAR The Defense Department’s longest-running humanitarian aid mission will be a novelty when it officially kicks off on Tuesday. Read more > MARINE WON’T SERVE JAIL TIME FOR PUNCHING JAPANESE POLICEMAN IN FACE A U.S. Marine has received a one-year suspended sentence for punching a police officer in the face last month near a popular nightlife area. Read more > ISRAEL AND HAMAS AGREE TO EXTEND TRUCE FOR 2 MORE DAYS AND FREE MORE HOSTAGES AND PRISONERS Israel and Hamas agreed to extend their cease-fire for two more days past Monday, the Qatari government said, bringing the prospect of a longer halt to their deadliest and most destructive war. Read more > THOUSANDS LEAVE BEHIND AMERICAN LIVES TO JOIN ISRAEL’S WAR IN GAZA Israeli Americans who have joined the Gaza war say they were galvanized by Hamas’ attack, but some lament the civilian bloodshed and wonder how long the fighting will last. Read more > US NAVY TO DISCUSS REMOVING PLANE FROM ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE HAWAII BAY AFTER IT OVERSHOT RUNWAY The Navy placed two temporary floating barriers around the P-8A aircraft at its resting spot in the shallow waters of Kaneohe Bay to prevent any potential fuel spill or other contaminants from polluting the ocean. Read more > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW US FOLLOW US Facebook Twitter STRIPES.COM | EUROPE | JAPAN | KOREA | OKINAWA | GUAM Stars and Stripes STARSK,#STRIPES Stars and Stripes
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