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Si Sightly anticipate the unexpected r Sightly P | J TikTok | D} =8 and | & ; Ve «|BETA EXCITING NEWS Sightly selected for TikTok's Beta Program! We are thrilled to announce that Sightly is now among a select few partners chosen to Beta Test TikTok’s Discovery and Mentions API. This partnership empowers our clients with unprecedented insights and opportunities through our advanced Brand Mentality platform. Harness the Power of Trends with the TikTok Discovery API Our collaboration with TikTok means our clients can now tap into the pulse of social media like never before. With the Discovery API, you can: * Identify Top Hashtags: Discover the trending hashtags that matter most to your industry. * Industry Categorization: Find what is trending within granular industries and verticals. * Related Hashtags: Find and leverage connected hashtags to broaden your reach. * Demographic Insights: Understand the audience behind the trends. * Historical Performance: Analyze past trends to inform future strategies. * Daily Data Refreshes: Stay updated with the latest data every day. * View Metrics: Monitor the number of views and posts for each hashtag at the industry level. But that's not all... Real-Time Relevance with the Mentions API Our access to TikTok’s Mentions API takes your brand monitoring to the next level. Imagine being able to: * Track Mentions: See the videos, comments, and replies mentioning your brand. * Analyze Comments: Access up to 100 video comments and the top 20 keywords associated with these mentions. * Monitor Trends: Follow the top hashtags and keywords linked to your brand mentions, keeping you ahead of the curve. Why It Matters This integration is a game-changer for our clients. By leveraging the real-time data from TikTok, we can automate targeting and lean into the right trends as they emerge. This dynamic approach leaves room for fluidity and flexibility in your planning, allowing trending content to create new opportunities as they arise. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore the exciting possibilities this partnership brings. At Sightly, we are committed to keeping you at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring your brand stays relevant and impactful in an ever-changing landscape. Ask us how one brand leveraged relevant trends identified by our Brand Mentality platform through this API, achieving a 50% increase in CTR and doubling their paid shares. For more information on how this can benefit your brand, reach out to your Sightly representative today! Contact Us → TARGET OR BLOCK POLITICAL CONTENT Sightly « § IRIS™ Enabled PMP With the election year upon us, elevate your CTV advertising with our IRIS-enabled prepackaged PMP’s (private marketplace), tailored to either target or block content related to Politics, Activism, and Government, ensuring your ads align perfectly with your campaign strategy. Why Use this PMP? * Contextual Relevance at the Video Level: Place your ads in content that matters, from policy documentaries to social issue debates. If a show has a one-off political segment, we’ll identify that and target or block it based on your PMP. This means we help with contextual alignment based on the actual content of an episode, not just the general category of the show. By targeting politically active and socially conscious viewers, you ensure your message is delivered in a context that aligns with your brand values. * Enhanced Engagement: Ads placed in relevant environments are watched 4x more and are 2x more memorable. Audience interest in products increases by 42%. Source: AVCA, Nielsen, IAS. This heightened engagement means your message not only reaches but resonates with an engaged audience. * Sensitive Topics: Our platform adheres to industry standards and includes suitability measures to ensure your ads appear alongside content that reflects positively on your brand. Our unique relationship with IRIS.TV, enhanced by our Brand Mentality platform, allows us to map video-level CTV data to nuanced contextual scenarios. Understand which videos align with your Brand Profile through 200+ nuanced scenarios that describe video content. Using advanced video analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing, we examine and classify videos according to GARM, Kids Content, and other important industry-standard suitability measures. This partnership provides the most suitable fit for your brand without the need for intricate brand profiling. For a comprehensive overview of our pre-packaged PMPs with IRIS.TV, tailored to meet diverse campaign needs, please visit our Sightly - IRIS.TV Deals Library. Sightly - IRIS.TV Deals Library → UPCOMING EVENTS cannes_still_720.png Sightly is headed to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, taking place from June 17th to June 21st. Reach out to the Sightly team to learn how our Brand Mentality platform revolutionizes real-time marketing, empowering brands to make swift, value-aligned decisions. Attending Cannes Lion? Let us know! Send a DM on Linkedin or drop a comment below to connect with our team on the ground. See you there! LET US KNOW → MAKING A DIFFERENCE Gyrl-Wonder-Sightly-Lestraundra_A-Alex_Babatunde-2024.jpg This past weekend, Sightly had the incredible opportunity to partner with Gyrl Wonder Inc. for Mental Health Awareness Month. We hosted a panel discussion at the Samsung Electronics Center in Chelsea focused on mental health awareness, resilience, and cultivating balance. We were thrilled to have Lestraundra Alfred., host of the Balanced Black Girl Podcast, as our guest speaker. We want to thank Gyrl Wonder Inc. for the partnership, Lestraundra for her engaging panel participation and valuable pieces of advice, Carly Newton. for her skilled moderation, and to all attendees. It’s truly an honor to collaborate with such remarkable organizations and align for important causes. LEARN MORE → sightly-vertical_lockup_logo-lightgrey-blue_icon-circler-101123_rgb_480.png Facebook Linkedin Instagram Twitter Get a Demo 11848 Bernardo Plaza Ct Ste 110, San Diego, California, 92128, United States Changed your mind? You can at any time.  
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