Bloat less, ๐Ÿ’ฉ more.

Seed sent this email to their subscribers on April 3, 2024.

With specific strains in DS-01ยฎ.

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ย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œยญโ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œโ€‡โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œยญโ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย ย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œโ€‡โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œโ€‡โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œยญโ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œโ€‡โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œโ€‡โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œโ€‡โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œย โ€Œ 20% Off Your First Orderโ€  20% Off Your First Orderโ€  Seed Don't Let Digestion Weigh You Down Clinical research shows that strains in DS-01ยฎ demonstrate a reduction in bloating after two weeks.* Start DS-01ยฎ * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. T Offer expires on 4/30/2024 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Offer valid on new DS-01ยฎ one-month welcome kits, for a maximum value of $10. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or [SI(elnleli (o1 N ย  @seed ย  My Accountย ย ย ย โ€ขย ย ย ย [email protected] This email was sent by Seed 2100 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 ยฉ Seed Health, Inc. 2024 ย  ย  ย 
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