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Aquaculture latest news Click here if you are having trouble viewing this message. Aquaculture Common Issues Group Seafish header Aquaculture 232 Common Issues Group seaflsh Events header NEXT ACIG MEETING - FRIENDS HOUSE, WED 8 MAY 2024 Our topic will be: Innovative approaches to support supply chain resilience in the aquaculture sector. Agenda and registration details to follow.  Find out more about the ACIG here How are we doing? We'd love to hear what you think about us and our work so we're asking e - Information header Information E i Scottish salmon harvest forecast for 2024 revised down by seafood analysis firm (29 January 2024) The Scottish salmon sector is predicted to harvest 166,900 tons this year, a 5% increase on 2023. Seafood analysis firm Kontali has adjusted its predictions for the Scottish salmon sector due to unexpected challenges in November 2023. Benefits of Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification for Vietnamese shrimp farmers identified in new study (26 January 2024) A recent study has identified that certification can deliver socio-economic and environmental benefits for Vietnamese shrimp farms and their workforce. Aquademia podcast. The important work of uplifting small-scale seafood producers (25 January 2024) This explores the significance of connecting with small-scale seafood producers and how their engagement can be a game-changer for long-term success of the seafood industry. “The key word is uncertainty” – Kontali forecasts more stormy waters ahead for salmon sector (25 January 2024) Kontali’s latest webinar on the farmed salmon industry explained that farmed salmon has been trending downward in terms of its production by volume since 2021. Salmon aquaculture to remain strong in 2024, but shrimp sector expected to struggle (18 January 2024) According to a new report by Rabobank, 2024: ("The new normal"), the salmon industry will again be the most profitable aquaculture sector in the first half (1H) of 2024. High prices, albeit slightly less high than in 1H 2023, will combine with marginally lower feed costs and lower biological costs to support strong farmer profitability. The global aquaculture market can expect better supply for salmon and fishmeal in the first half of 2024, but there will likely be no price relief for shrimp farmers. ASC stakeholder feedback dashboard (January 2024) You can view summary reports of the feedback received on the ASC stakeholder consultations on cleaner fish health and welfare, shrimp health and welfare, and living wage. Report: Blue Empire (January 2024) Food and farming campaign group, Feedback Global, claims industrial salmon producers are depriving communities in West Africa of vital nutrients, to fuel salmon consumption in wealthy countries like the UK. Analysis of salmon hatcheries finds nearly all hurt wild salmon populations (18 December 2023) An analysis of more than 200 studies on hatcheries programs, meant to boost salmonid numbers across the globe (including salmon, trout and whitefish), shows that nearly all have had negative impacts on the wild populations of those species. Most commonly, hatchery fish reduced the genetic diversity of wild fish, leading to poor health and reproductive outcomes. Scottish aquaculture value rises 154% in a decade (13 December 2023) The Scottish Government’s Marine Economy Statistics 2021 report has confirmed the direct economic contribution of Scotland’s aquaculture sector has increased by 154%, to £472 million over the past decade. Seafish. Aquaculture in numbers (15 December 2023) Aquaculture is the fastest growing food supply sector globally. It's dominated in the UK by salmon production, our most valuable food export. The UK are also big producers of mussels and oysters. In 2021, aquaculture production increased as the sector started to recover from changes brought on by Covid and leaving the EU in 2020. How can retail and supply chains support demand for more sustainable aquaculture feed? Author: Aisla Jones (September 2023) This Nuffield project explores the environmental impacts of traditional and ‘alternative’ aquafeed ingredients, and identifies opportunities for retailers and seafood supply chains to support more sustainable feed ingredient production and use. Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) celebrates a decade of its impactful skills programmes (February 2024) The SAIC has boosted the skillset of almost 500 individuals across the aquaculture sector since the launch of its skills programmes in 2014. Scottish salmon farmers pilot streamlined regulations (1 February 2024) Scottish Sea Farms is the first of two salmon producers to submit a planning notification to help trial a new, improved process for farm consents. Link to January 2024 issue of Fish Farmer 2023 Fish Farmer Yearbook This contains Fish Farmer’s review of 2023. Young Aquaculture Society (YAS) continues to gain momentum (January 2024) YAS continues to gain momentum on its vision to help shape the UK aquaculture landscape. The official launch is set for Aquaculture UK 2024, supported by key partners including the SAIC, Roslin Institute, Moredun, Salmon Scotland, and the Scottish Government. YAS is committed to empowering and connecting aquaculture professionals at all career stages, driving innovation, and fostering sustainable practices. Individuals of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join. For more information email or fill in this Google form  Aquaculture for a thriving future (26 January 2024) The Fishmongers’ Company held a highly successful conference on 30 November, which looked at how the UK can grow nature positive and economically sustainable shellfish and seaweed. The event brought together policymakers, scientists, researchers, NGOs, farmers and industry experts, with the aim of understanding how to kickstart the acceleration of the low-trophic aquaculture (LTA) industry. Is a seaweed breakthrough at COP31 the sector’s last hope? (24 January 2024) A research project to find solutions to the biodiversity crisis in global seaweed stocks has been launched by the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and partners in the UK, Asia and the United Nations University. The GlobalSeaweed Superstar project, funded by the UK’s Global Centre on Biodiversity for Climate (GCBC), will involve some of the world’s most prominent seaweed scientists and industry leaders.  Salmon sector expresses frustration with export red tape (23 January 2024) Scotland’s salmon sector has expressed frustration over ongoing red tape which has now cost an estimated additional £12 million since Brexit. New EU Reference Centre for the welfare of aquatic animals (17 January 2024) The European Commission has designated that the fourth European Union Reference Centre for Animal Welfare, will specialise in the welfare of aquatic animals. The three existing EU Reference Centres for animal welfare cover pigs, poultry and other small-farmed animals, as well as ruminants and equines. New Pike-perch module expands ASC species coverage (15 January 2024) The ASC has launched a new pike-perch module, which aims to promote species diversification in the light of increasing demand for this fish species. Sustainability-focused false-labeling lawsuits dropped after ALDI agrees to change farmed salmon marketing (9 January 2024) Both cases had entered mediation with the goal of reaching settlements that would avert the necessity of going to trial. RSPCA revising its farmed salmon standard (8 January 2024) The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has begun revising its farmed salmon standards in the face of mounting criticism of the industry. The standards are based on the RSPCA’s core “Five Freedoms”. POLICY AND FUNDING NEWS £14 million announced for Scotland’s marine and fishing businesses (29 January 2024) Businesses in the salmon, shellfish and seaweed aquaculture sectors, as well as the fishing industry,are among the recipients of a further £14m of financial support from Marine Fund Scotland in its 2023/24 funding round. The funds will facilitate 91 projects, spanning a range of initiatives aimed at promoting innovation, sustainability, and reducing carbon emissions within the marine economy. Scottish Marine Science and Strategy launched (11 January 2024) Scottish Government has published new Marine Science and Innovation Strategy highlighting the crucial role of science and innovation in realising the full potential of the marine environment. The Seafish Funding schemes for the UK seafood industry page provides information on grants and funds that are available to UK seafood and marine businesses.  The content of this email is provided as an information service for the UK seafood industry and key stakeholders. The views expressed in linked content on external sites are not necessarily those of Seafish.  The quarterly Seafood and Climate Change news alert brings together the latest topical information on climate change mitigation and adaptation that’s relevant to the seafood industry. The next issue is due out in March 2024.  Click the button below to sign up to receive this email newsletter.  Seafish footer
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