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The Best Carb Sources

Saturee Australia sent this email to their subscribers on September 22, 2023.

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Can't view this email properly?   section image     section image The Best CARB SOURCES Hello saturee-australia, Fitness models, the media and health gurus have demonized carbs, especially sugar. Pick up a copy of womens day and every second edition will have some celebrity talking about the diet that got them lean and all cut or avoided sugar and carbs. For many years I gave up carbs and sugar, except when I was falling off the wagon and having epic bloody binges! I was willing to give up this incredible metabolic powerhouse to achieve my ideal body. Drastically reducing or cutting out carbs is not a healthy way to live. The right carbs are essential for a healthy metabolism, energy, stable moods and an enjoyable and happy life! As you would have heard me talk about many times, if you want to lose weight you need to eat in a calorie deficit you don’t need to cut carbs from your diet. Listen in to learn more and hear about my favourite carbs that give you bang for your buck! WATCH VIDEO facebook     yt     insta Copyright © NUSTRENGTH TRAINING - All Rights Reserved. [email protected] Sent to: [email protected] NuStrength Training Pty Ltd, 1/68 Paradise Island, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Queensland 4217, Australia
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