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Spotlight on Milk

Sage Appliances UK sent this email to their subscribers on August 26, 2023.

Make or break your morning cup of coffee.

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Make or break your morning cup of coffee. Spotlight on Milk Your typical espresso-based drink is made of two main ingredients — coffee and milk (plant-based or otherwise). A lot of time has been spent talking about the roast, origins and varietals of coffee but historically its co-star has been somewhat overlooked. Milk, and how it’s prepared, can make or break your morning cup of coffee, which is why we’ve spent years studying steamed milk and how to replicate the microfoam you get in your favourite café, at home. Our Auto MilQ espresso machines come equipped with powerful 130°C steam wands for fast silky microfoam, no matter which milk you prefer, so you can experience smooth a mouthfeel and an incredible taste. Go from this: To this: Try It for Yourself and Taste the Difference the Bambino™ Plus Shop Now the Barista Touch™ Impress Shop Now the Oracle™ Touch Shop Now the Oracle™ Shop Now youtube    facebook    facebook    instagram ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop Sage   |  Contact Us © 2023 BRG Appliances Limited, Co no. 08223512   |   
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