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It Pays to Be Your Own Barista

Sage Appliances UK sent this email to their subscribers on September 9, 2023.

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Did You Know... Did You Know That with your average bag of speciality coffee beans you can make about 12 double shots of espresso at home? Who knew you could stretch 9 bucks so far in this day and age. Home barista’s deserve a tip too so for a limited time only, when you buy a Sage espresso machine, you’ll qualify for up to £200 dollars cashback when you sip and save with by Sage.  Learn More It Pays to Be Your Own Barista the Barista Touch  Impress Shop Now the Barista Express  Impress Shop Now the Barista Pro Shop Now the Bambino Plus Shop Now Heres How Our Earned Cashback Promotion Works %1. Purchase a Machine Buy a Sage espresso machine in store or online between August 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023. TsCs apply Register Details Register your details for Earned Cashack and upload purchase receipt to get your cashback promo code. Drink and Earn Use code at beanz.comuk to get 50 cashback for every 20 bags purchased, up to a total of 200. No commitment, cancel anytime. Learn More youtube    facebook    facebook    instagram ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop Sage   |  Contact Us © 2023 BRG Appliances Limited, Co no. 08223512   |   
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