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Master Your Double-Unders

RPM Training sent this email to their subscribers on May 26, 2022.

Tori Boggs’ Double-Under Workshop is now live in Atom.
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a T OM TORI BOGGS' DOUBLE UNDER WORKSHOP IS LIVE! T R AT membership. Join now and get a month"EREE. TAKE THE WORKSHOP ABSOLUTELY CRUSH DOUBLE-UNDERS Still struggling with double-unders? Join jump rope World Champion, Tori Boggs, as she takes you through her progres- sive 5-part series on how to finally master them. Learn key takeaways such as how to properly size your rope, the mistake everyone makes with their elbows, how to simu- late the rhythm of a double-under, and, most importantly, how to avoid throwing your rope into a tree during a fit of rage. TAKE THE WORKSHOP Train For That Podcast Episode 3 Tori Boggs JUMP ROPE IS A SPORT Did you know there was a jump rope World Champion? Well, Tori Boggs, has held that title 31 times. Our very own Atom head coach and Train For That podcast host, Pat Barber, sits down with Tori to discuss how she discovered jump rope, and then how she became so damn good at it. WATCH NOW i DESIGNED IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA FREE SHIPPING FREE RETURNS OVER $100 ON SELECT ITEMS ON SELECT ITEMS -- 000000 UPTO 5 YEAR WARRANTY Shop now. Pay later. afterpayc affm    |   [email protected]   Custom Custom
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