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Red's Savoy Pizza sent this email to their subscribers on July 18, 2023.

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eDs 'SOTA-STYLE Sadoq SINCE 1965 g These new deals are especially special. Featuring Red’s Savoy Pizza favorites, seasonal key lime pie, and new specialty pizza - the Angry Aloha!  $20 I’m Cheating on Pizza  Your choice of any baked pasta + any entrée salad. $45 Family Feast Any Large Specialty Pizza, a Kidz Pizza, garlic cheese bread, and four jumbo chocolate chunk cookies. $20 Vacation Mode Special  The tastes of vacation! A regular Angry Aloha pizza and a slice of key lime pie. $29 The Triple Crown Special  Any Regular Specialty Pizza, any app, and a slice of key lime pie. Our new specials can be ordered online, in the app or by calling your favorite location.  ORDER NOW EASIER, FASTER PIZZA IN MOUTH THE APP TP TIRY FacebookTwitterInstagram Corporate Address 574 Prairie Center Dr #135-314, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
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