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Forwarded this email? for more ESIEGSY RETAIL INNOVATION \WIEEKS Newsletter RETAIL INNOVATION WEEK RESEARCHED BY PIERS FAWKES & OUR AI-AGENT RESEARCHERS. INCLUDES INNOVATION CASE STUDIES, A TRENDS REPORT ON PERFORMATIVE COLLABORATION, AND LINKS TO PODCASTS & DOWNLOADS OF OUR LATEST REPORTS. Piers Fawkes and The Prompt from PSFK Mar 25 READ IN APP THIS WEEK’S RETAIL INNOVATION CASE STUDIES Mainly this week we present reasons to encourage people to shop offline - partly because when they shop online they’re gonna be hit with a bunch of “personalized” ads and when they shop in-store they can hide from “retail media” and instead get hit with engaging experiences and a bunch of products a human buyer thought they might find interesting to discover…. Gag Time In London: Selfridges debuts The Joke Shop, a comedic retail experience featuring nostalgic gag items like whoopee cushions and sneezing powder, alongside playful fashion pieces and the whimsical Slapstick Generator artwork by Mel Brimfield. Learn More LOEWE's Immersive Craft Show: "Crafted World" exhibition blurs the lines between art and marketing, showcasing the brand's Spanish heritage and handcrafting expertise in a unique and interactive way. Learn More LOEWE's Crafted World The Frankie Shop and Crosby Studios Collaboration: The Frankie Shop and Crosby Studios have collaborated on a unique retail installation in LA, featuring office-themed decor and showcasing the power of experiential marketing in the fashion industry. Learn More The Frankie Shop by Crosby Studios Chick-fil-A's Mobile Pickup Store in NYC: Chick-fil-A is innovating delivery and pickup with a new mobile pickup store in NYC, launching an elevated drive-thru concept and offering customers convenience and speed while maintaining their renowned service and quality. Learn More Chick-fil-A's Mobile Pickup Store Apple's Pick-Up Focused Retail Experience in Canada: Apple's new store in Ontario offers a new pickup station for online orders and free creative sessions for customers, showcasing the company's dedication to creating innovative retail experiences. Learn More Apple's Store in Ontario MAD Architects' Design for Lishui Airport: MAD Architects' design for Lishui Airport in China integrates with the natural hilly landscape, featuring a bird-like overhanging roof and shuttle-shaped skylights. Learn More MAD Architects' Design for Lishui Airport Changi Airport Terminal Is A Tranquil Oasis Inspired by Nature: Boiffils Architecture's design for Changi Airport's Terminal 2, inspired by the lush vegetation of Singapore, offers a calming and sensory experience for travelers, with natural elements and fluid lines creating an organic, tranquil atmosphere. Learn more Changi Airport Terminal 2 How Tiffany Engages Top of the Pyramid Customers in China: Tiffany's iconic launch event for the "Bird on a Pearl" collection in China showcased exclusive high jewelry and celebrated the brand's connection with high-end buyers. Learn more Tiffany Bird on a Pearl Apple's New Shanghai Store: Apple's new Shanghai store, inspired by the city's flower, showcases its commitment to innovation and engaging with local communities, featuring a diverse team of employees and continued investment in its application research laboratory in China. Learn More Customers show off swag from the Apple Jing’an opening. VICUTU Concept Flagship Store in Beijing: The VICUTU Concept Flagship store in Beijing combines avant-garde design with elements of classic style and immersive experiences, reflecting the brand's commitment to innovation and quality. Learn More RH’s Grand Retail Gallery of Luxury and Elegance: RH has opened a grand retail gallery in Brussels offering a curated selection of luxury home furnishings, rare art, and antiques, along with an interior design studio for professional design services. Learn more Art Gallery Meets Retail Store in London: Alaïa's flagship store in London's New Bond Street has been revamped as an art gallery, offering an immersive shopping experience that merges fashion and art. Learn More Alaïa's Revamped Flagship Store Nicki Minaj Chooes Shopify for Pink Friday Nails Brand: Rapper Nicki Minaj has launched a direct-to-consumer press-on nail brand, Pink Friday Nails, powered by Shopify. Learn More Google's Retail Media Solution: Google has launched a new retail media solution for in-store advertising that allows retailers to monetize customer reach. Ok, ok - Google news is always a bit a yawn but we wanted to track it. Learn More A person sits in a yellow chair looking at their phone. A large phone screen display is on the left side of the image, displaying shampoo ads. Heart, magnifying glass, lock, and shield logos are in the background. PKL Social: A Pickleball-Themed Sports Bar: A new pickleball-themed sports bar and restaurant called PKL Social is opening in Houston, Texas. Guests can reserve time on one of the four pickleball courts, enjoy food and drinks, and take part in pick-up games and learn-to-play events. Learn More PKL Social: A Pickleball-Themed Sports Bar Levi's NextGen Store in Kyoto, Japan: Levi's has launched a “NextGen” store in Kyoto, Japan, offering local design elements and exclusive collections, elevating its shopping experience. Learn More | il i 00 ' i :7 AR R R A ‘ il ‘ 11 | AU [ .! = Data Pizza Buenos Aires: Where Food and Tech Converge: Visit Data Pizza in Buenos Aires, a restaurant under a viaduct that combines food and tech, offering a unique dining experience and inspiring innovation in retail design. Learn more: Data Pizza Buenos Aires ““‘\‘ “““‘ S S “‘““““\\‘\& \‘\‘\‘\“\\\‘\\\\ N N O e S S Restaurant MIG by Studio Fluid in Miami: Margarita & Gelatto (MIG) is where pizza and gelato converge in a space designed for culinary delight. Designed with the help of architect Marcos Cain. Learn More THOMAS SABO's Phygital Jewelry: THOMAS SABO has partnered with Pocket Styler, offering a collection of jewelry and accessories available in physical stores and the virtual world. Customers can try on products in AR and purchase directly from the app. Learn More THOMAS SABO's Collaboration with Pocket Styler Porsche's Immersive Studio in Singapore: Porsche's new brand expression in Singapore offers an innovative and immersive retail experience with car lifts, a cafe, co-working spaces, and more, adding a unique touch to the luxury brand's customer experience. Learn More Porsche's Studio in Singapore Barbour's Rental Program at Glastonbury Festival: Barbour Delivers Rental Program with Glastonbury Festival Jackets. The British heritage brand Barbour has innovated by offering festival goers the option to rent its famous jackets for the weekend. This unique initiative promotes sustainability through rental and upcycling while also offering the opportunity to support a charitable cause. Learn More Barbour's Rental Program at Glastonbury Festival (Not the official press shot…) Dr. Martens Repair Service: Dr. Martens, the boot brand, offers its customers a repair service for their shoes, extending the life of its products and promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. Learn More E_A3_EVG_AUTHORISED_REPAIR_2_IMAGE_DESKTOP?w=966&fmt=auto&alt=default Truffle Vending Machine: A vending machine in Terminal 8 at JFK airport dispenses luxe truffle mushrooms, oil, and salt from Urbani Truffles, creating unique consumer experiences. Learn More urbanitruffles A post shared by @urbanitruffles Gym-Beverage Collaboration: Oatly's partnership with fitness brand Barry's, promoting plant-based post-workout shakes and enhancing gym offerings through brand collaboration. Learn More Oatly's Collaboration with Barry's Eye Glass Legacy: Industry veteran Robert Roope has trained a digital-twin based on his years of experience matching the right glasses to the right face. Learn More The Rise of Fake Flowers in Restaurants: A rise in fake flowers and plants as restaurant decor is sparking innovation within the retail floral industry, as experienced by Carlos Franqui's grand arrangements. Learn more IMG_7509.jpg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE PRESENTATION DECK: SXSW TRENDS So - we analyzed the top 150 talks from Austin in March and created a 1,000 page deck that summarized every talk. OK, ok - we also provided a top line. Learn more. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS WEEK’S REPORTS TO DOWNLOAD Market Performance & Expansion Strategies in Apparel (Lululemon) Innovation & Originality in Apparel Product Lines (Nike) ChangeMaker Demographic Attraction & Market Expansion (Allbirds) Consumer Behavior Adaptation & Profitable Sustainability in Footwear (Shoe Carnival) Loyalty Boost Blueprint: Elevating Customer Satisfaction in Food Service (Darden) Electric Mobility Innovation & Sustainable Future Report (BMW) Accelerate Strategy: Building Brands, Innovating Operations in Food & Beverage (General Mills) Transformational Initiatives for Enhanced Efficiency in Transportation & Logistics (FEDEX) SXSW 2024 Trends ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS WEEK’S TREND: PERFORMATIVE COLLABORATION For the next few week’s, we’re sharing an extract from Piers Fawkes’ new 2025 trends report: Machine Thinking. This week we look at the trend of Performative Collaboration. Collaboration has become one of today's most dynamic tools in marketing and sales. Typically this activity is about creating a fusion of experiences, be it with another brand or an influencer, that captures attention and encourages sharing. Interestingly, we’re now noticing how companies are partnering with other organizations that possessing unique values and audiences they lack or cannot cultivate quickly enough on their own. The trajectory we're seeing points to partnerships where brands – both personal and corporate – can achieve tangible business values. Selectivity is key; companies are strategically choosing partners whose strengths complement their objectives or help to mask their shortcomings. Saks will offer exclusive demo drive experiences of Lucid’s award-winning car, the Lucid Air, at select Saks Fifth Avenue store locations. Saks recently teamed up with Lucid Motors to bring a unique luxury experience to its clientele by introducing Lucid Air electric vehicles at select Saks locations. This collaboration extends Saks' luxury offerings beyond traditional retail, incorporating demo drives and featuring Lucid content on Saks’ digital channels. The initiative reflects Saks' ambition to merge luxury retail with innovative lifestyle experiences, showcasing the synergy between high-end fashion and electric vehicle technology. Walmart & PepsiCo have announced a performative collaboration where they plan to invest $120 million in regenerative agriculture, which aims to shift two million acres of farmland to regenerative practices by 2030 and reduce four million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Brand collaborations have evolved to become performative. They're no longer just about visibility or marketing synergy; they're functional, crafted to advance a company's goals, like driving its circular economy initiatives or cementing its status as a digital-forward brand. This approach sidesteps the traditional, resource-intensive path of redirecting a business's trajectory. Instead, performative collaborations offer rapid, tangible results, making their impact clear to consumers and investors alike. It's smart, it's efficient, and it's the way forward in an ever-competitive market landscape. Keep subscribed to this newsletter to receive an alert regarding the publication of ‘Machine Thinking’ to PSFK’s report library ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last 2 weeks: Adobe, Bayerische Motoren Werke, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Caleres, CareMax, Darden, Empire Company Limited, Five Below, Fraport AG, General Mills, Guess?, Harrow, HelloFresh, Innovative Food Holdings, Intuitive Machines, J.Jill, Jones Soda, KB Home, Legacy Housing Corporation, Lument Finance Trust, Lululemon Athletica, MiNK Therapeutics, Mission Produce, NIKE, OneConnect Financial Technology, Petco Health and Wellness Company, Prudential, Rockwell Medical, SCHL, Samsonite International, Sera Prognostics, Shoe Carnival, Signet Jewelers, So-Young International, Soho House & Co., Tencent Holdings, Tencent Music Entertainment, Vail Resorts, WOOF, Xos, Yiren Digital Limited, Zumiez ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONGRATS TO OUR SIBLING TEAM AT BROADMIND FOR CLIENT WIN (Do you need some help get started with genAI? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- READ OUR SIBLING-NEWSLETTER: PSFK WEEKLY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading Retail Innovation Week! 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