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We're still not waiting on Black Friday - shop our biggest brands at lower prices this weekend

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LETS HAVE A NEW DISCOUNT CODE THIS WEEKEND! We're still not waiting for Black Friday! Starting from 5pm 17th November (GMT) until Midnight Sunday19th November we're giving you discount on two of our biggest brands! Get 10% off Seeking Health and Designs for Health this weekend Use the code HEALTHSALE until 23.59 on Sunday 19th November. Retail customers only. Only products in these tow brand categories are eligible.  FEATURED PRODUCTS IN THESE BRANDS TRI-BUTYRIN SUPREME Tri-Butyrin Supreme™ represents a new approach to gut health and immune function by modulating intestinal flora, promoting colonocyte health and supporting proper gut permeability.    Read More HISTAMINE NUTRIENTS Histamine Nutrients is a comprehensive formula containing seven essential nutrient cofactors plus powerful antioxidants to support total histamine metabolism in each and every cell. Read More PALEOZYME PaleoZyme is a Paleo-friendly, porcine-derived pancreatic enzyme blend designed to support healthy digestion. This product is specifically formulated to aid in the digestion of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.   Read More STRESS NUTRIENTS The powerful ingredients in stress nutrients are a variety of plant extracts and herbal support which may help to maintain a healthy immune response, mood, and healthy stress levels. Constant stress can deplete the adrenal glands, which in turn may disrupt energy production and healthy nervous system function. Stress Nutrients may support the body's healthy response to stress and help promote a sense of calmness and balance. Read More Visit Our Website  Facebook Twitter Instagram TikTok Gloucester Street London, London, City of WC1N 3XX United Kingdom
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