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Don't Miss Out!  Mid-Year MIPS Check-up Webinar: Tomorrow, May 16th!

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CLINICAL ‘ I ‘ QUALITY 2 Hello Practice Builders We're almost halfway through the year, and now is the perfect time to assess your MIPS progress and ensure you're on track for success. Join Katie Buckholtz, CQE's Director of Business Development, for an exclusive live webinar tomorrow: Mid-year MIPS Check-up. Don't miss this insightful webinar to gain practical tips to elevate your MIPS reporting strategy for the year. In this webinar, you'll learn: ✔ Understand how to evaluate your practice's MIPS performance ✔ Managing employee turnover and MIPS reporting responsibilities  ✔ Timing and implementation consideration for switching EHRs ✔ Discover tips and tactics to optimize your MIPS reporting strategy  Secure your spot today by registering through the link below. We look forward to seeing you there!  Secure Your Spot! CQE Webinar - May 16th @ 1 PM EST Mid-year MIPS Check-up Act Now to Improve Next Year'’s Score Presented By Katie Buckholtz Director of Business Development Secure Your Spot! /J‘ CLINICAL ‘ (o]0 .\ ) ¢ EXPERTS Y 2T Eye Care Leaders, 555 South Mangum Street, Suite 100, Durham, NC 27701
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