Sarah Jones Explains Trump Trial Jury Selection

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Forwarded this email? for more To get full access to all of our newsletters, please consider upgrading your subscription. Your support is a way for us all to come together to fight for democracy, freedom, and to speak the truth. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SARAH JONES EXPLAINS TRUMP TRIAL JURY SELECTION SARAH JONES EXPLAINED TRUMP JURY SELECTION, AND AN ADVANTAGE THE EX-PRESIDENT HAS OVER OTHER DEFENDANTS ON BBC RADIO. Sarah Jones & Jason Easley Apr 16 ∙ Preview READ IN APP With democracy and freedom under attack, The Daily is fighting for our rights, and we could use your help. To support us, please consider becoming a subscriber. EXPLAINING TRUMP JURY SELECTION Sarah was recently on BBC Five Live, where she discussed the Trump trial jury selection. Here is the lightly edited transcript of her interview: Q: This process is pretty normal in high-profile trials, isn't it? But what's interesting, from what I can gather, Donald Trump's in the court while these jurors are talking about him. Sarah Jones: Yes. He yesterday was reported to have fallen asleep and was also reported to have fallen asleep today, but kind of perked up when they were asked questions about the books that he has written that they have read. So it's weird to watch him in court and to watch a former president. This is a historic trial. This is a criminal trial that has never happened against a former American president before. Q: One of the jurors who was excused yesterday said that you'd have to have lived in a cardboard box not to have a prior opinion of Donald Trump. Is that a fair point? Sarah Jones: That really is because he was famous. He's lived in New York as his main residence his entire life and he's lived in Manhattan since 1971. And he was already famous there long before he ran for president. And in fact, during the 2016 election, there was a lot of kind of arguments about why so many people in Manhattan don't like him that he has a reputation as maybe a shyster, a little, running a little bit of a shady business... WATCH WITH A 7-DAY FREE TRIAL Subscribe to The Daily to watch this video and get 7 days of free access to the full post archives. A SUBSCRIPTION GETS YOU: Subscriber-only posts and full archive2 Daily NewslettersPodcasts, chats, videos, and breaking news updates Like Comment Restack © 2024 PoliticusUSA LLC 1729 West Tilghman St Ste 2, Allentown, PA 18104 Get the appStart writing
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