House Republicans Are Very Worried About The Majority Flipping To Democrats Before Election

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Forwarded this email? for more Please consider supporting our independent journalism by becoming a paid subscriber. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOUSE REPUBLICANS ARE VERY WORRIED ABOUT THE MAJORITY FLIPPING TO DEMOCRATS BEFORE ELECTION SPEAKER MIKE JOHNSON IS TRYING TO CONVINCE MEMBERS NOT TO LEAVE EARLY BECAUSE IT COULD COST REPUBLICANS THE HOUSE. Sarah Jones & Jason Easley Mar 28 READ IN APP The Daily relies on the support of readers like you to be a counter to the corporate media. If you want to join the fight along with us, please consider becoming a subscriber. HOUSE REPUBLICANS ARE GETTING NERVOUS AS THEIR MAJORITY SHRINKS TO ONE VOTE Last week, House Republican leadership claimed that they weren’t nervous at all about their majority shrinking to one vote, after Rep. Mike Gallagher announced that he was leaving early and not finishing his term. Yep. Not worried at all, they said. Until today… Nathaniel Reed at Scripps News posted: NEWS: House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has spoken with and encouraged Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) to *not* resign Congress on April 19, as planned, and "do anything he can to stay longer," a person familiar with Speaker Johnson's thinking confirms to me @scrippsnews MORE: A source close to Rep. Gallagher tells @scrippsnews the Rep. "has been in touch with Speaker Johnson and House Republican leadership throughout this process, including before this decision was announced. I’m not going to get into details of their private conversations." Things aren’t so great apparently. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is itching to come to the House floor and bring up her motion to vacate after the House gets back from its Easter break. The Daily is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support our work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. Johnson knows that the only way that Democrats will help him survive the motion to vacate is if he allows a vote on Ukraine aid, which the Speaker has said that he wants to bring up after Easter, so this whole self created Trump like mushroom cloud is about to blow with Marjorie Taylor Greene riding the bomb like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove. THE HOUSE IS A MESS, AND THINGS COULD GET A WHOLE LOT UGLIER. Gallagher might still be around to help Johnson keep his job, so the motion to vacate doesn’t seem to be the reason why there is an effort to convince him to stay. The reason why Johnson wants to keep him around is that House Republicans are on the brink of losing the majority before election day. If a couple more Republicans decide to walk, Democrats have the majority. The House has never flipped during a session in US history. It has happened in the Senate, most recently during President Obama’s first term, but it has never happened in the House. Right around the date when Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan is about to begin, the House could be without a speaker again, or Democrats might keep Johnson around after he passes aid to Ukraine. By the way, Hakeem Jeffries isn’t going to lift a finger to help Johnson until that Ukraine bill is on the floor and the vote is completed. Mike Johnson is dragging out sending the doomed Mayorkas impeachment to the Senate, because after fulfilling their constitutional requirement and being sworn in as jurors, the Senate is going to kill those impeachment articles dead within the blink of an eye. Things are bad for Mike Johnson, and they may only get worse, until they culminate potentially with Democrats taking the House majority before election day. Even as Defendant Trump is about to dominate the headlines, the House will be worth watching. PM LINKS: 1/6 COP KILLER TRUMP SHOWS UP AT POLICE OFFICER WAKE TO TOUT “LAW AND ORDER” JAMES COMER BASICALLY BEGS JOE BIDEN TO REVIVE IMPEACHMENT BY TESTIFYING VOTER FRAUD FOUND AS GEORGIA GOP VICE CHAIR ILLEGALLY VOTED 9 TIMES SENATOR WARNS IT’S CRITICAL TO DECLASSIFY INFO ON ‘GRAVE COUNTERINTELLIGENCE THREAT’ PAUL MANAFORT JOE BIDEN TO RAISE MORE MONEY TONIGHT THAN TRUMP RAISED ALL MONTH BIDEN AND HARRIS TAKE BOLD ACTION TO PROTECT AMERICAN PRIVACY AND RIGHTS FROM AI STEPHEN COLBERT RIPS APART THE TRUMP BIBLE CON LARRY DAVID DESTROYS “SOCIOPATH LITTLE BABY” DONALD TRUMP You're currently a free subscriber to The Daily. For the full experience, upgrade your subscription. Upgrade to paid Like Comment Restack © 2024 PoliticusUSA LLC 1729 West Tilghman St Ste 2, Allentown, PA 18104 Get the appStart writing
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