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Forwarded this email? for more ECLIPSE TALK TCinLA Apr 9 READ IN APP This post is for all of you who got to see the totality, or close to the totality, to write about what you experienced. So have at it! I’ve experienced two totalities. In 1963, aboard ship in the Navy, we were intentionally in the totality because we were taking a group of Japanese and American scientists to see it. We were in the totality for 30 minutes, as we steamed up the path to stay in the event for their observation. In 1978, I experienced the west coast eclipse from Lake Tahoe. Three and a half minutes. Both events were awe-inpiring to me. Today here in LA, I forgot we would get a partial eclipse, so I was momentarily surprised when I went from the office to the kitchen for another cup of coffee and I looked out the window and the light was about half. Then I remembered, and ran outside. We got a 60% eclipse and the termperature dropped several degrees for a couple minutes. A neighbor’s dog was barking like crazy until the light started coming back. What is yours like for you? Here at TAFM, when you support the site as a paid subscriber, you get to participate in things like this. Please consider joining to have some fun for once. Comments are for paid subscribers. Leave a comment You're currently a free subscriber to Thats Another Fine Mess. For the full experience, upgrade your subscription. Upgrade to paid Like Comment Restack © 2024 TCinLA 548 Market Street PMB 72296, San Francisco, CA 94104 Get the appStart writing
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