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Check out this fab flavour!Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ Νβ€Œ 

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πŸ‘‹Β  GET 20% OFF YOUR 1ST PETZYO FOOD ORDER, USE CODE "GRABTWENTY" AT CHECKOUT. PETZYO Let's take a deep dive into Chicken and Turkey with Superfood Extras - Kibble That Counts. Lets take a deep dive into with Superfood Extras -Kibble That Counts e . . Welcome to our flavour deep dive petzyo, where we'll serve up the specifics on our range, one by one. This week we’re looking at Chicken & Turkey with Superfood Extras - a gourmet recipe packed with nutrients for your doggo. As with the rest of our range, all our dry flavours are available in 8kg or 16kg in a resealable & recyclable bag. o 1 T o I Tomato SpinaCh . Basil X Broccoli SN - -7 Carrot e . : Rosemary i Kelp . Opreglano gln Turmeric asraslfy Blueberry Y l . " Flax Seed Oil . Chicory ' S0 Taurine i S 7 . et - Hemp Seed Oil . . Fish Oil . VYuccaExtract Vitaminand - Green Tea - 7 - - Minerals I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 Ingredients This flavour of Kibble That Counts contains: Chicken Sweet Potato Chicken Offal Sunflower Oil Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B11, B12, D, E, K, Niacin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Choline, " Pantonthenic Acid .. Minerals Iron , Znc # Copper """ Manganese Amino Acids TS - i Taurine ., s ' Omega 3 ?@ . Omega6 A o - Lentils R Essential . Best Suited For oD , s 3 J X A Cl Large breed puppies Any breed or size M 6@ I f;h,h Old timers Long hair pups Guaranteed Analysis @ R Sustained energy release Muscle health A scientifically A high protein content balanced formula with to help with muscle complex carbohydrates repair for all dogs, and low Gl ingredients regardless of their like sweet potato. activity level. D Healthy coat and skin A healthy mix of Omega 3 6 essential fatty acids, low fat content and a complete mineral mix. Biscuit Sourced ethically @ Sized for - . dental support Made in small p fresh batches And that’s why Chicken & Turkey with Superfood Extras inspires so many doggos to shake their tail feathers! Think your dog would want to dive deep into a bowl of this Kibble That Counts? Click below to get this delicious flavour delivered fresh for your doggo! PS. This flavour pairs pawfectly with Chick Magnet, Petzyo’s biologically-appropriate raw food! Order now! β†’ Your PAW-pal,Β  David Latimer Founder & CEO Facebook Instagram Custom 11 Wilson St. South Yarra, Victoria 3141 Copyright Β© 2022 Petzyo Too many emails?
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