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Pet Care Club sent this email to their subscribers on May 23, 2024.

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FREE SHIPPING* | Guaranteed Delivery SUMMER SEASON SALE = L /T (NN 230 1221 [ arrow Coupon Code: PETSMR15 arrow NATIONAL PET Ty e MON l H ON ALL ORDERS ABOVE $149 PAWSAVE20 Top Deals for Dogs & Cats title-image BRAVECTO' (furgner) Chews Iy z e fe et :"‘:’:1 i B g0 S o T §§' NARs 26 o A Bravecto $31.57 buy now For animal use only/Slegs vir dieregebruik Ne)‘Gard SPECTEZN Chewable tablets for dogs/Koubare tablette vir honde Afoxolaner and Milbemycin oxime/Afoksolaner en Milbemisienoksiem POOO®Q 2l0J0I8]G, ™ Boehringer "I Ingelheim Nexgard Spectra $37.33 buy now 45% OFF <& Simparica (sarolaner) Chewables @ et ionto s i Sypescl s ® proccontoraitmonn e o bt conos s s ottt e Zoetis Simparica $59.48 buy now Heartgard Plus Special Deal He—artgfl e il g Starts From $36.37 Nexgard Special Deal ST NexGard hswah\es (amofw))(cg‘wflecd / Starts From $32.05 APOQUEL VL xS | suvow | Simparica TRIO Special Deal Simparica TRIO. i (sarolaner, moxide d pyrantel o flfmfl,@y%gw"’m el A 5 ) Simparica TRIO. (arolner moxidectn, and pyrantel {‘\ 1 chevable 3ty 4 )_ 8% Starts From $93.48 Revolution Plus Special Deal revolution PLUS @ Iselomectn ond soroloner opical solution! O m2e Starts From $65.98 Sentinel Spectrum Sentinel Spectrum $38.19 buy now . CAUTION SOLUBLE MONTHLY HEARTWORM TABLETS FOR SMALL Forthe P P PRy P e Nuheart $22.07 buy now I Interceptor*" mllbemycm oxime) BROAD SPECTRUM PARASITICIDE Contains once-a-month flavored tablets to prevent heartworm disease, control adult hookworm infection, and remove and control adult roundworms and whipworms in dogs and puppies. For dogs 2-10 Ibs. [ 02 2% 9% o) 7GR Y2 ] [ e (] feeoo? DI fre Interceptor $21.11 buy now Frontline Plus Stay Connected title-image 1-800-304-1918 [email protected] © 2024 - All Rights Reserved
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