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Pump when you want, where you want.
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Pump when you want, where you want.  ‌ ‌ ‌  W PERIFIT MEET THE PERIFIT PUMP 🍼  currentsessiono 120. oo Simstin oo Since 2017 we've created a community of over 350,000 women worldwide through our work with our Perifit trainers, thank you for your support (heart emoji). It's thanks to this close connection to our community that we realised that while we were helping solve the pelvic floor problem, there was SO much more to be done in women's health. Our mission at Perifit is not only to educate people and heal pelvic floors worldwide but to accompany women during all stages of their live, from periods to menopause, from pregnancy to postpartum. So after 2 years of intense research and design at our office in Paris, we are extremely happy to finally introduce to the world the Perifit Pump! A breast pump so discreet that you can pump when you want, where you want. Our goal? To liberate pumping parents from classic breast pumps and provide them with the freedom to pump their milk on their own terms. Designed alongside world-class specialists, Perifit Pump fits discreetly in your bra so you can pump your milk on-the-go or simply free your hands. DISCOVER THE PERIFIT PUMP NOW Even if you're not on a breast feeding journey right now you might know someone who is! The Perifit community is strong which is why we would love your help to spread the word about this new and exciting chapter of Perifit.❤️ What makes the Perifit Pump different Flexibile Flange Technology Our flanges are made from soft non-abrasive silicone and come in 5 different sizes. All to ensure the utmost comfort during your pumping session. One-piece design No wires, no tubes, no fuss, only 5 dish-washer safe parts, relieving you to spend time on the things that truly matter. Hospital-grade strength Up to 300mmHG of suction strength, the Perifit Pump may be silent and discreet but it doesn’t lack in power.  Personalised Pumping Our exclusive app lets you control your pumping from your smartphone. Adjust the pumping power to your need with our 8 various stimulation and expression modes. LEARN MORE FacebookInstagramYouTubeLinkedInTikTok
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