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You'll not want to miss these... @ PARASOL PROJECTS March 2024 COMING TO NYC THIS SPRING ‘;4'. L A ‘j - - < e e N RV P - “ | LoéAT!iGwaETfiT 10012 (NEAR ALLMAJE)RTRAiNSz o MAR 2-3 | 247 ELIZABETH STREET RARE CONCEPTS Join NYC’s best underground streetwear brand, for their first Pop Up with the biggest NYC fashion influencers, connections and overall good vibes. Read more UNTIL MAR 28 | 515 W 23RD STREET CONTEMPORARY ECHOES The exhibition serves as a captivating exploration linking the artistic journeys of Italian and American artists. Read more UNTIL FEB 3 | 251 ELIZABETH STREET CHAI STREET & CO Created by Faryal Ahmed, Chai Street & Co is a woman-owned specialty chai Pop Up serving authentic Pakistani masala chai. Here, each cuppa chai is brewed with love and rooted in culture. Guests are encouraged to bring their own mugs, showcasing their personality while reducing waste. This unique approach fosters a sense of community and comfort, making every sip feel like home. Chai Street & Co is one of Parasol Projects "The Pitch" winners! Make sure to pop by and show them some love Read more : Invatmg you 1O B —'——j,— _._;_ We L fmally be therewuh i Where? x| Spring Street, S Spring St. & Elizabeth St., Nolita, . New York 10012, United States + When? - March 14th - March 17th MAR 14-17 | 21 SPRING STREET MEDICUBE The leading South Korean beauty brand most known for its innovative and medical-grade beauty devices and skincare is having their first NYC Pop Up! Read more MAR 21-24 | 173 ELIZABETH STREET PAINTED BORDERS Art Exhibit about Statelessness. Painted portraits of Stateless nations represented through women. Reception Saturday March 23.  Read more TRUE IN A BLUE SPACE BLUE IS TR BLUE [S TRUE [N A STRANGE WOR A REA RILD BLU RUEIS A RUE 1 U N [ ENMIE IS} 4 S I \ BEAUTIFUL WOIRLE BLUE IS E IN TH BLUE [S TRUE [ ENIG E BLUE IS RUE IN A F P S TRUE [N . BLUEIST .\ ORLD BL A REAL WORLD BLUE IS TRUE IN A NEW \ RUE IN A BLUE DIMENSION BLUE [S TRU ETIME BLUE [S TRUE IN A SCARY TIME Bl ] 2 EC o © = < 2 M=z = 29 & < [l N, 5 MARCH 28 - APRIL 4 ST 2 RIVINGTON ST, 10002 MAR 28 - APR 1 | 2 RIVINGTON ST BLUE SIGN Yan Vince Mutesa is a Rwandan/Canadian designer based in New York. His first solo-exhibition "Blue Sign" will be opening March 28 in LES. Read more March 29 - 1 April 2024 MAR 29 - APR 1 | 21 SPRING ST MY GRANDFATHER'S THINGS Established in 2017, MGFT is duo-incorporated HK & SG business that specializes in vintage handbags and bag accessories. Read more "THE PITCH" Winner ISABOKO Isaboko, a radically sustainable brand founded by recent Parsons graduate and CFDA grant winner Isabella Li Kostrzewa, is making solarpunk clothes for radically optimistic Earth freaks. Isaboko is will be having a pop up March 20-24 at 251 Elizabeth St. in NYC where you can preorder the new collection and learn more about the brand. Read all about it ll@l_!:_‘:::f | ] ; | ] NEW! CELEBRATING THE LAUNCH OF PARASOL MEMBERSHIP Sign up for free FOLLOW US @parasolprojects PARASOL PROJECTS PRESENTS POP UP STORIES TUESDAY Feb 27th at 12pm EST INSTAGRAM LIVE ELOISE SCOLEY ISABELLA KOSTRZEWA Marketing Manager at Parasol Projects Founder at Isaboko @PARASOLPROJECTS & @ISABOKO_ CONTACT US [email protected] +1 212 682 4966 PARASOL PROJECTS =) InstagramFacebookWeb Site PARASOL PROJECTS 251 Elizabeth Street, NEW YORK CITY, NY, 10012, United States No longer interested in receiving emails?
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