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National Gum Disease Awareness Month 🦷

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ORTHO ARCH Shop About Contact NATIONAL h GUM DISEASE AWARENESS MONTH How orthodontics, oral hygiene, & patient compliance play a part in gum health! Proper oral hygiene habits and early treatment of gum disease can prevent its progression. The well-being of your jawbone and the proper alignment of your teeth greatly depend on the health of your gums. Prompt action is crucial for addressing gum disease, particularly when it begins to impact tooth alignment. Orthodontic intervention can rectify misalignments resulting from weakened jawbones. Teeth that are not properly aligned can complicate the cleaning process, elevating the likelihood of additional oral health concerns. Fe The right brackets, aligners, and auxiliaries as well as proper patient education and compliance are vital when treating each individual's unique case. Shop Ortho Arch Brackets and Accessories Image of Horizon Mini Twin Brackets Horizon Mini Twin Brackets $30.85 Shop now Image of Eclipse Passive SLB Eclipse Passive SLB $63.75 Shop now Image of Movemints Clear Aligner Mints at checkout for rst purchase, P N Movemints Clear Aligner Mints $49.00 Shop now Image of Brace Guard Silicone Brace Guard Silicone $63.95 Shop now Image of Patient Care Kits Patient Care Kits $58.32 Shop now Image of Aligner Removers Aligner Removers $14.95 Shop now Keep Up with Ortho Arch: Facebook Instagram Twitter ORTHO ARCH
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