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Optyk Rozmus sent this email to their subscribers on December 14, 2023.

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Order your last contacts now Open in browser HELLO! from OPTYK ROZMUS goodbye Hello, We’re very sorry to inform you that our store is shutting down. With the current state of finances and global economy it is simply not possible to carry on. If you’d like to support us at this last step, we would really appreciate it if you ordered some lenses that we have left in stock. That would help us big time. You will be able to return unwanted items for the statutory 14 days from your purchase and you will still be able to contact us via e-mail for the next few months in case there are any issues. Please bear in mind that returns and refunds will be difficult after January 2024. Thank you for shopping at Optyk Rozmus! Best regards Optyk Rozmus Eye Care Team Optyk Rozmus Eye Care S. C. ul. Piastowska 3 43-200 Pszczyna Poland facebook youtube instagram +48 32 733 28 23 [email protected] You received this email because you signed up for our newsletter on our website. If you want to stop receiving it, press 'Unsubscribe' below. Sent by MailerLite SENT BY mallerm
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