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On Friday I wrote to you about ThermoSleep...  And why it’s quickly being recognized as one of the most potent all-natural thermogenic sleep aids on the market. Since then, we’ve been asked questions from sleep sufferers all around the world... Wanting to know more about the research behind ThermoSleep, the ingredients inside, and what to expect when taking it.  Here’s everything you need to know.  The Science Behind ‘Bad Sleep’ Hormones And The ‘Sleep-Metabolism Matrix’ If you’ve been struggling to get quality sleep on a regular basis… You’re probably familiar with the problems it brings into your life: Being tired all the time From morning headaches to mid-afternoon slumps, reduced sleep saps your energy, making you feel like the walking dead.  Higher levels of anxiety Lack of sleep raises your brain’s anticipatory reactions, increasing overall anxiety levels.  Impaired mental performance Sleep deprivation impairs your memory and cognitive performance, making it harder to perform at your best at work.  Easier to become angry You may find yourself short-tempered or easily irritated. When sleep-deprived, negative emotions can be intensified due to greater activity in the amygdala.  Difficulty concentrating Your work or school can suffer as a result of decreased reaction times, making regular activities more dangerous (for example, driving a car). Weakened immune system Sleep deprivation drastically weakens your immune system, endocrine system and metabolic functions, making it easier to catch colds, viruses & bacterial infections. Risk of serious diseases When you lack sleep, your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure skyrockets. Along with the risk of age-related illnesses, such as cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. But what you may not realize is that...  When you miss even 2-hours of sleep, ‘bad sleep hormones’ run rampant, undermining all your fitness & weight loss goals.  A recent study from scientists at the University of Chicago found that… When you haven’t slept well: * Your body makes more ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” that says GO, eat more. * Your body makes less leptin, the “fat hormone” that says STOP, your body is full. * Your body makes less Peptide YY, another “full hormone” that lets you know, it’s time to stop eating. * Your body becomes less sensitive to insulin, the “energy hormone” that tells your cells to convert sugar from your bloodstream into energy… rather than storing it as FAT. * Your body makes more cortisol, the “stress hormone” that both increases your appetite and makes you MORE alert.  * Your body makes less melatonin, the “sleep hormone” that tells your body, it’s time to sleep. And on it goes... These ‘unchecked hormones’ wreak havoc on your waistline…  Spiking cravings for junk, and practically forcing your body to store fat. All while making sleep more difficult.  It’s a cruel, vicious circle.  That was until we developed… ThermoSleep - the only sleep-aid & night-time fat burner to address the root causes of sleep struggles. You may have tried many ways to improve your sleep… anything from relaxation techniques to prescription sleeping pills.  And it’s likely they haven’t worked consistently (or had horrible side effects)... Here’s why:  ThermoSleep works by uniquely targeting the ‘Sleep-Metabolism Matrix’. Based on mounting scientific evidence of the ‘bad-sleep hormones’ that make high-quality sleep impossible… The Sleep-Metabolism Matrix addresses the 3 root causes of sleep struggles:  1. A racing mind and emotions  Emotional triggers and hormones are leading causes of insomnia and sleep problems. And it's a two-way street. You need emotional wellbeing for quality sleep, but you also need sleep to cope with the emotional stress in your daily life.  2. A stressed-out nervous system Hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and cortisone run rampant through your system when you’re stressed. These are the fight or flight hormones that keep you alert and prepared for action - making sleep almost impossible.  3. Challenged wellbeing & metabolism  Our bodies need certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids to stay in balance, both for sleep and our metabolism. Without your metabolism firing, energy flatlines. Fat burning, digestion, and a range of bodily processes grind to a halt - impacting every area of life, especially sleep. Makes sense, right? Whenever we feel out of control, can’t calm an over-stressed system, or our baseline health feels ‘off’ or ‘sluggish’... …It’s no wonder sleep becomes a nightmare.  Enter nature’s solutions to balance the Sleep-Metabolism Matrix Once our team understood the Sleep-Metabolism Matrix...  We set about finding the most potent all-natural plant-based compounds to bring the ‘bad sleep’ hormones back into balance.  Over 18 months of research, countless consultations with holistic health professionals, and hundreds of tests later… We formulated what we believe to be...  The MOST effective all-natural sleep aids, metabolism boosters, and immunity-enhancing agents known to man. All-natural and 100% safe ingredients, with no nasty side effects or morning hangovers… To calm a racing mind and emotions: 🧠 GAMA - an anti-anxiety neurotransmitter found naturally in the brain. 😌 Velvet Bean Extract - a powerful ‘feel good’ dopamine-increasing plant.  🌿  Passion Flower - a native North American plant known to relieve anxiety and insomnia. 😊 Bioperine - improves dopamine and serotonin production, our happiness and pleasure chemicals. To ease a stress-out nervous system:  🍋 Lemon Balm Extract - used for centuries to treat anxiety, stress and insomnia. 🥱 L-Theanine - an amino acid that helps ease stress and fight insomnia. 😴Chamomile Flower - a traditional remedy long used to help relax and fall asleep.  💤 Melatonin - a powerful hormone used for treating insomnia and accessing deep sleep. 🌱 Ashwagandha - ancient medicinal adaptogen used to reduce stress and cortisol levels (oh, and boost libido!). To naturally support well-being, metabolism and fat loss:  🍵 Green Tea Extract - supports brain health, heart health, and stimulates weight loss.  🙃 5-HTP - increases serotonin, combats depression and naturally boosts wellbeing. 🍇 Raspberry Ketones - a “miracle fat-burner” that accelerates fat-burning. 💃 B3, B6, C & E VITAMINS - vibrant health vitamins boosting health, immunity and mood. 🏃‍♀️Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc - must-have minerals supporting exercise performance, immunity, skin health and more.  👧 Glycine - supports antioxidant and collagen production, while improving sleep quality.  ❤️  Resveratrol - protects the heart, lowers cholesterol, and supports fat burning. Is it your turn to enjoy the best sleep of your life?  Here’s what you can expect when you try ThermoSleep Around 30 minutes before sleep you take Thermosleep - it’s as simple as pie:  Mix a scoop of Thermosleep (comes in 2 tasty flavors - Purple Blast or Peach Tea)... into a glass of cold water and enjoy. The whole process takes less than a minute.  After around 20 minutes, you’ll start to "feel it" work... You may notice yourself calmer than normal.  That’s the GAMA taking effect.  If you catch yourself smiling or thinking happy thoughts, that could be a number of agents: 5-HTP,  Bioperine, Velvet Bean Extract. (They’re your happiness and pleasure chemicals running wild.) You may feel the Ashwagandha wash over you… reducing stress and cortisol levels. As relaxation takes hold, several ingredients work together to pull you into deeper relaxation... Passion Flower, Lemon Balm Extract, Chamomile Flower. All trusted for centuries to reduce anxiety, lower stress, and overcome insomnia.  After finding yourself asleep easier than ever… You may be surprised that you sleep deeply for hours, without waking up.  That’s the Melatonin playing its part.  Glycine. Raspberry Ketones. And just the right amount of metabolism-boosting Green Tea Extract… … So that you wake up energized, with your waist-line feeling trimmer too!  By the way, you may notice that you’re not as hungry… and those bad food cravings are mysteriously absent the following day. That’s because your body’s ‘bad sleep’ hormones are naturally in balance…  Making it easier to burn fat and stay lean.  Are you ready to kiss those sleepless nights goodbye? It’s your time to enjoy deep, natural, rejuvenating sleep…  Just like thousands of happy customers are experiencing with ThermoSleep. >> Order your tub today and have ThermoSleep rushed to your door. Or secure your monthly supply and SAVE 10% on every order.  You’ve got nothing to lose, except the sleepless nights! In your corner, Ryan Spiteri Co-Founder, Onest Health Shadow
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