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Ready for a sugar breakup?
Ready for a sugar breakup?

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Ready for a sugar breakup? Ready for a sugar breakup? Alternate text Hi Friend, Are you ready to break up with sugar? That sneaky little sweet that: * Hides in unlikely places * Makes it nearly impossible to stop at one * Leaves you feeling frustrated or out of control * Creates a roadblock between you and your health goals (pain, inflammation, digestive discomfort, insulin resistance, and the list goes on) Join us September 25th for a 28-day journey to break up with sugar! How to Break Up with Sugar in 28 Days is the perfect combination of pre-recorded video lessons, weekly live events on Zoom, realistic weekly challenges that build on one another, and a supportive, encouraging online community to set you up for success in achieving a sugar breakup day 28 and beyond! Over the course of 28 days, your challenge guide and registered and licensed dietitian, Teresa Wagner, will walk you through the steps you need to take to break up with sugar, while offering a deep dive into all things sugar: * Where it’s hiding * How it impacts health * Why it’s so hard to stop at just one cookie or one handful of chips * Strategies to curb cravings * Tips for long-term habit change * And so much more! Learn more! We know what you’re thinking, “how could I possibly go the rest of my life without sugar? That seems impossible?!” Don’t worry, breaking up with sugar does NOT mean you will NEVER have sugar again. That is NOT realistic in the world we live in. But, it does mean you will have all the tools and resources you need to be in control. You will know what causes sugar cravings, how to stop them before they start, what to expect when you do consume sugar, and the steps to take to be sure YOU remain in control (or regain control), not cravings, so you control your relationship with sugar and experience more vibrant health! If you're ready to be free of sugar cravings that leave you feeling frustrated, out of control, guilty, or defeated, this challenge is for you! But don’t wait! Reserve your spot before registration for this life changing challenge closes on Sunday, September 24! Save me a spot! FacebookInstagramPinterestYouTube Manage your preferences | Opt Out using TrueRemove™ Got this as a forward? Sign up to receive our future emails. View this email online. 45 Snelling Avenue North | St. Paul, MN 55104 US This email was sent to [email protected]. To continue receiving our emails, add us to your address book. powered by emma
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