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NRS World sent this email to their subscribers on September 23, 2022.

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SHOP NOW NEW ARRIVALS SALE Vo Lo o e 2N REB Cow Horses : " withstand countless hours'in the saddle. Our design is backed by industry professionals such as Rhett Baker of REB Cow Horses. CHOOSE FROM A VARIETY OF TOES e RIDE READY - AND HEELS MADE IN TEXAS MENS AND WOMENS STYLES AVAILABLE ALL AROUND SPUR REST - o 4 A RIGID SPUR RAND . 7 : NAILED HEELS WITH et b . NEOPRENE MIDSOLE NAILED HEEL CAPS TOP RIDE READY BOOTS 325029 e 254472 SHOP Ride Ready Boots Now LEARN MORE ABOUT RIDE READY AMBASSADOR RHETT BAKER P EB Cowhorses NRS Ride Ready Ambassador Watch Now NATIONAL TRAILER SOURCE presents with MSRP $32,032
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