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Here's how we cover business in Acadiana. BUSINESS REPORTING: GO BEHIND THE SCENES On the business beat, I hear a lot of things, from businesses that are supposed to be coming to Lafayette to those not doing well and are likely to close. Potential property sales are tips I get often and can be tricky to follow up on.  When land or a building is under contract, I keep an eye on it and refrain from reporting unless it could be a significant development. Amazon might be opening a facility in Carencro? I reported that before it happened, but was careful in my wording. Same thing with my report on QuikTrip seeking a Lafayette location. I used terms like “in negotiations for” or “is seeking property in” without saying the deal is done because it wasn't at that point.  The one pitfall in reporting on business developments is reporting on something that doesn’t come to fruition. I hate it, but it happens. In 2019, Dean-O’s Pizza was going to open a Carencro location. We reported it before the property was sold. It never happened.   To find stories, I peruse legal documents such as real estate transactions, building permits, agendas for the local planning commissions and zoning boards. That’s where you will discover the first official sign that something is happening. It’s often a company purchasing a large tract of land or building or seeking some sort of variance or city approval before they enter negotiations to buy the property —because what good would it do to buy the property and find out it’s against city ordinance to put your building there? I also find stories organically through sources who will share information with me. I am grateful they trust me with their information.   If you have a tip, please respond to this email or contact me, [email protected] Thank you for reading. - Adam Daigle, business editor The Acadiana Advocate The Times-Picayune, and The Advocate 10705 Rieger Rd. Baton Rouge, LA 70809  
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