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If you are having trouble reading this email,  NUTRITION BUSINESS JOURNAL The Herbs & Botanicals Report Navigate the landscape of natural remedies with ease Get the Report Consumers in the herbal market are motivated to shop when they are trying to address a condition. Long ingredient lists can be daunting, even (or especially) in the herbs and botanicals category. Consumers prefer to shop by condition, learning the key ingredients later in the process. So how can this report help you? The Herbs and Botanicals Report dives into what conditions people want to address with herbal supplements, includes a Top 50 Herbs list by sales so you know which herbs to keep an eye on, and forecasts each individual ingredient through 2026. Prepare your team to take on any challenge this year with insights and action items tailored for the herbs and botanicals industry. Learn More Recent Reports Practitioner REPORT 2023 R . s % New Hope Practitioner \' *u Women’s ) TN Women's Health Interested in more information or have questions about one of NBJ's reports? Connect with us here and we will get back with you as soon as possible. LinkedIn Logo
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