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Our BIGGEST deal ever! - 25% off! 🤯

Nature's Bakery sent this email to their subscribers on December 20, 2023.

When you build a large box, we'll take an extra 5% off!

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Shop Snacks Our Mission Store Locator B :aRON " HOLE GRANS a b onest IO F ' : 1G BAR P40 Winter Wonders Await!  For 24 hours ONLY, whenever you build a large box, we'll take an extra 5% off. That means you can save a total of 25% off on your snacks! This is the best way to get your pantry fully stocked up and ready for the holidays and New Year.  The large box lets you pick 12 of our 6 count boxes! It's the perfect amount for the entire family or as a gift for coworkers and friends. Plus, free shipping is always included with build a box orders. BUILD NOW @NATURESBAKERY SHARE HOW YOU ENJOY #NATURESBAKERY.  6 Boxes Always Ships Free! © 2023 Nature's Bakery, LLC | 87 N. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103
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