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The wine industry is one of the most exciting industries to consider as a career path

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WSET Level 3 Tampa in-person is here

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Image Courses Trips Membership WSET Courses Wine Trips Membership Corporate New WSET Study Tools for Level 1-3 Awards in Wines! Complete Exam Prep Mock Exam Questions Flash Cards Right now, the wine industry is one of the most exciting industries to consider as a career path... By making the choice to go into wine, you’re charting a course that gives you the potential to branch out into a multitude of areas within the same industry. Everyone starts out at the same place–unless you’ve come from a wine producing family, or have a parent that encouraged you to really learn about wine because it was ingrained in your lifestyle growing up–learning the basics. What is wine? And how is it made? Read More Diploma D2 Wine Business Master WSET Exam with our WSET 3 Online instructor, Jess Helfand. For most Level 3 students, short-written-answer questions are the most challenging part of the Level 3 exam. Before you start answering, focus on the "verbs" because they can guide you on what you need to answer and the scope of your answers... Watch Video WSET Level 3 in Wine You’re invited to Discover Coombsville Grand Tasting Event. Coombsville AVA, located at the southeastern tip of Napa Valley, boasts exceptional grape-growing conditions and produces phenomenal wines. It is known for its distinct, elegant, and beautiful offerings. Now is your chance to taste a variety of wines from Coombsville, all in one spot, and see why it's regarded as Napa's most unique AVA. Additionally, Napa Valley Wine Academy will be there to provide all the wine knowledge you need to fully appreciate the experience. Date and Time: Saturday, April 27, 2024, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM PT Location: CIA at Copia ( 500 1st St, Napa, CA 94559) Buy Tickets Coombsville AVA PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: WSET LEVEL 3 AWARD IN WINES TAMPA IN PERSON We're excited that we're going to teach WSET Level 3 Award in Wines in person in Tampa this summer. This 5-day intensive course comes with an exam on Day 6, offering an immersive experience where participants actively taste approximately 80 benchmark wines alongside their classmates under the guidance of a WSET-Certified instructor. By the end of the course, you'll have gained a professional understanding of wine, enhancing both your career opportunities and personal recognition in the industry. Learn More WSET Certification MORE WINE KNOWLEDGE IN OUR NVWA MEMBERSHIP Watch Weekly Membership Update Courses Trips Membership WSET Courses Wine Trips Membership Corporate F O L L O W   U S Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok YouTube SNOOZE Marketing Emails for 30 days OPT OUT of All Marketing Communications Unsubscribing Below will Remove You From All Course & Exam Communications! Napa Valley Wine Academy 2501 Oak Street Napa, California 94559 United States (855) 881-2314
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