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White Wine Tasting Exam Tips, Article and Quiz Inside!

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Image Courses Trips Membership WSET Courses Wine Trips Membership Corporate This week, let's talk White Wine tasting with Peter Marks MW and Catherine Bugue, our VP of Education... Our VP of Education Catherine Bugue and Peter Marks MW will be walking you through a WSET Level 3 tasting note for white wine using the SAT (Systematic Approach to Tasting)... Watch Now WSET Level 3 in Wines Once grapes have been harvested for white wine making, the winemaker embarks on a series of choices in the cellar. by Nikki Goddard White wines are made nearly everywhere in the world where wine is made, and come in many styles, drawing on a diverse array of aroma and flavor profiles... Read More TasteCoach™ Challenge your wine knowledge with our weekly quiz. Take Quiz TasteCoach™ MORE WINE KNOWLEDGE IN OUR NVWA MEMBERSHIP. Watch Our Weekly Membership Update Courses Trips Membership WSET Courses Wine Trips Membership Corporate F O L L O W   U S Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok YouTube SNOOZE Marketing Emails for 30 days OPT OUT of All Marketing Communications Unsubscribing Below will Remove You From All Course & Exam Communications! Napa Valley Wine Academy 2501 Oak Street Napa, California 94559 United States (855) 881-2314
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